Birds of Grace

Sometimes I cannot believe the birds who grace this tiny lens of mine.

redtailhawk17-blogDo they know how much I need their “wildness”?

hawk3-blogTheir stunning beauty?

redtailhawk11-blogDo they know how I long to fly with them, or sit high as a bird on a wire?

redtailhawk12-blogI respect their wildness more than words can say. I would never want to change them.

redtailhawk15b-blogAnd so, from time to time our paths cross, and we look upon one another.

redtailhawk13-blogWithout planning or purpose, we meet eye to eye.

redtailhawk14-blogI have no idea why they don’t just fly away. Why they allow me to stay with them for a while.

But whatever it is within these amazing creatures that allows me to catch a glimpse of their magic…

redtailhawk9b-blogFor that I am most grateful.






Christmas to Me

Christmas has become a very simple time for me.

The “what do I want for Christmas” isn’t about “the stuff” anymore. It’s about the moments.

Like seagulls chattin’ on a jettie.

redriverbeach36-blogThat splash of Christmasy red, here and there.

redriverbeach39-blogA quiet walk somewhere special, the kind that makes your heart sing.

forestbeachloop1010-blogA meal shared with friends…

forestbeachloop1009-blogAnd the new friends made in the process.

forestbeachloop1006-blogThe real lights of Christmas that never lose their glow…

forestbeachmarsh58-blogThe unexpected whimsy of the season…

forestbeachmarsh54-blogThe real “presence” of Christmas. The only ones that really matter.  ❤

marmee416-blogMerry Christmas, everybody.  ❤








Feelin’ Duckie

Marmee came home from her doc appointment this morning and everything went great!

You see Marmee was a rescue. And from what we know she had a pretty scary past. She didn’t feel safe, and she never came “first” to anyone.

‘Til she came here.

Blog-Marmee148Where she is always “first”. In fact, she’s everything to us.

And we have a wonderful vet who “gets it” with Marmee and how much she means to us, too.

I can tell you today I don’t think this girl was ever more glad to see her yellow duckie when she got back home…

marmee337b-blogAnd as she cuddled up with her yellow pal…

marmee337e-blogBack in her home once again…

marmee337f-blogIn the sunshine…

marmee337g-blogShe relaxed.

And so did the rest of us.

Blog-Marmee332Last time I checked…

Everyone was doin’ just fine.

marmee337d-blogAnd feeling grateful to be HOME.  ❤












On Thanksgiving, It’s All About the Pause

On Thanksgiving Day it’s all about the pause. Pausing to reflect on all that we are thankful for.

So I took my camera out on Thanksgiving Eve to see if I could capture some of the things I am especially grateful for living here on Cape Cod.

It began with this view of Forest Beach Marsh that I just never seem to get enough of.

forestbeachloop203-blogIt continued along the shore where I found one of my special gull friends – and his seaside winter neighbors, the brants – all enjoying the setting of the sun.

forestbeachloop951-blogforestbeachloop950-blogLooking out across the marsh to Chatham Light I couldn’t help but think of all the fishermen over the years whose lives have depended on the twinkling beacon guiding them safely home.

forestbeachloop956-blogJust then, up flew a flock of Canadas who seemed in a real hurry to get to their Thanksgiving Day dinner, as they disappeared awaaay out over the treetops.

forestbeachloop952-blogforestbeachloop953-blogAnd the friendliest flicker I do believe I’ve ever met greeted me at the top of Osprey Hill. Dressed to the nines, his mouth full of juicy grubs, I could have sworn he winked at me before he flew off to his own Thanksgiving table.

forestbeachloop954-blogOn the way to the Landing I noticed how the sinking sun was making the cat o’nine tails glow like holiday candles…
forestbeachloop957-blogAnd a clump of purple Asters along the stone wall at the bend in the road would make the prettiest Thanksgiving bouquet ever!

forestbeachloop958-blogOut of breath, I made it just in time at Mill Landing to see the sun spread its deepest orange rays across the marsh.

forestbeachloop961-blogGiving it all one last lingering look…

forestbeachloop962-blogI made my way home with only one thought in mind.

And she was waiting for me on the other side of that front door when I opened it!

Blog-Marmee197My Marmee. After losing our Maggie Mae so young, so many years ago, I am grateful every single day for this tiny feline who fills my heart and home with pure love.

For me, on Thanksgiving Day, and every day…


It’s all about the PAWS.

marmee290-blogAnd the heart that lives behind them.  ❤

marmee173-blogHappy Thanksgiving everybody, from all of us!












Turkey Parade

I’ve been telling people all week long… if you meet any turkeys who need a safe haven for Thanksgiving, send ’em on over to our house because we do vegetarian.


Well… I guess someone DID!


We could see them from our apartment window, 17 of them in all, right here in our parking lot and looking mighty hungry.

My Thanksgiving wish had come true after all!

And you know? The closer I looked, the more they kinda’ reminded me of the flock of juvenile turkeys we had visit us a few months back for that early Turkey Trot.


This gobbler was nice enough to check my tires while he was waiting for appetizers.


The rest of the flock looked a bit dazed, almost as if they weren’t sure they had the right address.


I hopped down with my camera, and tried to reassure them they had come to the right place.

We had hens and gobblers alike…


I got a little nervous when I saw that some feathers were getting a bit ruffled as they waited to be served.


Luckily, they found plenty of vittles under the old cedar trees.


My! It sure was good to see them EAT!


And as they moved about, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful their feathers were.


As a milliner who does not use bird feathers of any kind (I prefer to make my own silk ones as I’ve blogged about in the past). I was bedazzled by the sheer variety of texture and color on display before me!


And it was about then that I noticed something happening. Some of the hens had noticed it, too.


Why, the males had begun to spread their tail feathers, like giant fans, displaying them for us all to see.


Their wing feathers were open wide, too, and almost touched the ground as they strutted oh-so-proudly across the grass.


Looking every inch the classic turkeys of my childhood, I had a tough time containing my excitement enough to keep the camera steady!


One after another the gobblers would start their dance, feathered fans waving, as if they were themselves the floats in some grand parade.

Macy’s, eat your heart out!


Some of the hens were politely trying to tell the boys that their calendars were all mixed up, that mating season wasn’t ’til spring.


But, well, there was no stopping them. And anyway, who’d want to?

The girls and I decided to sit back and just enjoy the view!


And then, just as suddenly as they had come, they were OFF! The whole flock flew up! up! and over the gate, heading for the old deserted cranberry bog out in back of our house.

I saw them as they slowly made their way into the woods, watching ’til I could just barely make them out before they disappeared from view.


Heading back to the house, I just couldn’t have been happier.

I knew that for the rest of the day my head was going to be filled with visions of those glorious, sun-kissed feathers that had waved to us in the best Thanksgiving parade ever!


I hope you had a wonderful holiday, I know I sure did.

‘Til next time, thanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod!


Friday Sigh

It’s been a week to end all weeks.

A HUGE project of the heart is now finished, and I’ve been looking forward to today more than I can even begin to say.


Time now for some much needed R&R…


Time to unwind, and breathe a little deeper…


To feel good about what’s been accomplished and get rested up for the next leg of the journey.


As an artist, I poured all that I had into a project that means the world to me. The creative stretch was absolutely amazing, and I uncovered a wellspring of new possibilities that I didn’t even know existed.

And maybe that’s something to crow about!


Thanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod.

Happy Friday, everybody!  🙂