Soft Petals in Summer

We’ve settled into our typical “dog days of August” and I’ll tell you, our tiny attic apartment without AC is not the place you’d ever want to be spending them!¬† ūüėČ

I had a huge pile of work¬†in the studio yesterday that needed to be done. Wedding hats were ready for their final hand stitching, the new hats for this season’s “Hats Off to the Horses” of Old Friends were staring at me. awaiting further brainstorms.

And then I heard the mew. My Marmee was talking to me…


My husband calls¬†her¬†“Soft Petals” which describes her to a T. Without a doubt¬†Marmee is the sweetest, most connecting creature¬†I have ever known.

And she was talking to me, giving me that look. The look that says,

Come follow me…

I followed her into the living room, and I knew what she wanted. I got the stool out, opened the front door, and up she hopped.


The warm, sultry air swept into the room and I could see that it excited her as much as it did me. I¬†have written¬†about¬†Marmee being my muse, this Milliner’s Muse. Its uncanny how often she senses when I need to stop, when I just need to take a moment¬†and do something different.

Like¬†opening the front door…


We both looked down and saw my Mom busy in her garden…

Her Gingerbelle watching her every move.


I checked out my own deck garden, thrilled to see that everything seemed to be thriving in the summer heat.

Just then Marmee looked up, sensing¬†movement¬†somewhere in the bushes…


It never ceases to amaze me, the amusing creatures¬†that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, right here¬† outside my door…


I stood there beside Marmee, we sniffed the sea breeze together…


I could easily have spent the entire day in the studio. I was all set to do just that.

Until a gentle mew pulled me away, encouraging me to see the world for a little while through her eyes.


And as I headed back to the studio that afternoon, I worked along better than ever. Dreaming of the  in the sunlight, the flowers, my Mom in her garden.

And my sweet¬†Soft Petals in summer…


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‘Til next time,