Ms. Mars Sighted on Cape Cod During Solar Eclipse!!

I heard that four planets would be visible during today’s solar eclipse – Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

Well, we may not have had the solar eclipse visit us here in the Northeast today, but I do have my very own Ms. Mars sunflower to share!!  😉

A gift from my Mom this summer, for my deck garden.

Isn’t she beautiful??

Coming, and going!

Happy Solar Eclipse, everybody!!   😉

PS  #solareclipse2024





Beauty Just Outside

Between the humidity and the pile of work still in front of me, I won’t be heading out on a walk again this evening.

But look what I keep finding, just outside my own front door…


Color MAGIC!

I soak it all up, like a hummingbird with nectar, and bring it right back into the studio to inspire me and feed my work.

Isn’t the creative life something??


Smiling Faces

In search of a smiling face this morning…

And right outside my door, just look what I found!


No matter where you live, who you love, what you dream of…

I hope you find a face like this one in your world today.