Waning Strawberry Full Moon Tucking in at Red River

We were clouded over for the Strawberry Full Moon this year.

Yet I love the moon in all its phases.

I caught the waning Strawberry Full Moon early this morning at Red River, just as it was heading to bed.

Just three days old…

And beautiful as ever.  ❤

Fly Me to the Moon

I love that song, “Fly Me to the Moon”.

And tonight, on New Year’s Eve AND Full Wolf Moon Eve, I am thinking of all the geese who are still flying high over Cape Cod tonight.

Alive and well.

I love them all, to the moon and back.

Happy New Year, Everybody!

The Setting of Super Moon

I’ve never actually witnessed the setting of a full moon.

And as you can see, I was not alone this morning for the setting of Super Moon at Forest Beach.

It was magical, watching that beautiful creamy orb slowly sink down below the rooftops, behind the trees.

And the company was splendid!  😉

Harvest Moon 2017 – Pregame Show

From what I’ve heard, we might not see the full Harvest moonrise tomorrow night.

So last evening I decided to get a few “pregame” images to share, just in case of cloud cover.

It was a perfect October night in the ‘hood. And as I walked along, I kept seeing the moon peeking through the trees at me.

I’m not sure what it is about seeing it framed by branches and leaves of all different shapes and sizes.

Whatever it is, it makes my heart kinda’ dance!  😉

Another one of my favorite moon spots is right over the marsh there at Forest Beach. With that pinky glow in the sky and the old cedar there gazing upward.

And of course, over the water.

I took one last look at the nearly full, beaming moon before driving away.

Just in case!  😉