July 4th – The Morning After

I awoke this morning to a thick, heavy fog…

It matched the way my brain felt, after a sleepless night of fireworks in the ‘hood and my concern for all the critters.

But all is well. I’m still here, and so are they.

It’s time to share the beauty of the new day, come what may!    ❤

The American Way

It’s cool in America, each person gets to celebrate the 4th in their own way.

This tiny Song Sparrow decided he’d hum a few bars to share his joy.

I couldn’t quite make out the tune, but it sure seemed to make him happy!   😉

Happy Fourth of July

I am so proud of these little Piping Plovers who have come so far…

And their parents, who got them there.

Happy Fourth of July everybody, time to flap our wings and…

CELEBRATE with a Happy Dance!

The 4th from My Mom’s Backyard

It’s been a while since I shared some photos of my Mom and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, GingerBelle.

MomGarden6-BlogTo celebrate the 4th, I thought it might be fun to show you what the two of them were up to today.

The Fourth is always such a day of memories and inspiration for my Mom.

MomGarden5-BlogAnd as I looked out early this morning, I could see that she had Gingerbelle out for a walk and their usual inspection of the yard.

MomGarden8-BlogMomGarden13-Blog-Mom lives for Gingerbelle…

And Gingerbelle for her.

MomGarden10-BlogMom also lives for her gardens. Aren’t her flowers coming along nicely this summer?

MomGarden17-BlogMomGarden7-BlogWe’re trying to get Mom to gradually convert to more container gardening, just to make it a little easier on her.

MomGarden9-BlogBut good luck with THAT one! My Mom’s got farming in her blood, and there’s just no slowing her down. Not even at 88 years young!  😉

MomGarden18-BlogAnytime you meet my Mom, she’s always got a story to tell.

Usually about something she’s thinking of planting, or a friend she talked to when she was out on her walk that day.

MomGarden16-BlogAnd GingerBelle is sure to give you a kiss and a wiggle if you let her, the two of them are quite the pair!  🙂

MomGarden11-Blog‘Til next time, Happy Fourth everybody!







Happy Birthday, America

I can hear them already outside my window. The steady stream of cars, making their way to Chatham for the big parade.


It’s the Fourth of July weekend and the official start of summer here on Cape Cod!

After the parade, cars filled with umbrellas, squealing children and floaties will flood the beaches.


Boats of every size and color will be launched.

Left hand turns will have to wait ’til Labor Day, and the annual battle over parking spaces will begin again in earnest.

Blog-ForestBeach21Traditional fishermen will drag out their poles and tackle boxes. Others, will discover new techniques that work for them (Note the more experienced fisherman in the distant background).


Five star restaurants will summon the very best seafood chefs around.

Blog-ForestBeachLoop356For me, the Fourth is a day to find the quieter places.

The dirt paths, the out of the way spaces…


I will follow the birds, the true experts on quiet…

Blog-ForestBeachLoop354Blog-ForestBeachMarsh12In search of beauty, and my own idea of fireworks.


No matter what your particular tradition or dream might for this holiday, I hope that you find it.

It is worth searching for…


Happy Fourth of July everybody, and Happy Birthday America!


Bunny Bookends Welcome July

The Fourth of July weekend is rapidly approaching, and I was delighted on my walk last evening to see so many new baby bunnies along the edge of the marsh.


And their Mums, with ever watchful eyes, close by…


The first tiger lilies had blossomed, a reminder that the heat of July is not far behind.


New lawn chairs have popped up, too, as Cape residents prepare for their holiday guests who’ll soon be arriving.

And as I passed each dirt path I got my camera ready in the hopes of spotting a lone fox taking advantage, like me, of the evening quiet.

ForestBeachLoop332The hill at Mill Landing is one of my favorite spots. And last night, like always, I got about halfway down, turned and looked back up toward Taylor Pond.


It takes my breath away. Every time.

ForestBEachLoop334Everyone was out on the water…


And I mean, everyone!


After lingering at the outlook for a while, a crow reminded me in no uncertain terms that it was time to head for home.


I had time just for one more tiger lily…


And was thrilled to find some daisies who already had their summer guests.


And as I turned for home…


THERE he was! One more tiny bunny who almost seemed to say to me, “Hold onto your hats, here comes July!”


Thank you for coming along with me, ’til next time!