Footprints in the Sand

I’m not quite sure what it is about footprints in the sand that fascinates me so.

Maybe it’s the mystery of it all – whose prints are these?

What were they thinking or feeling as they walked along?

Have I already passed by them, not knowing that these prints were theirs?

Along with the mystery of it all, I also find footprints in the sand to be incredibly beautiful – when the light is just right, and most especially…

When you add shadows to the mix! 😉

Shadowy Foot(paw)prints in the Sand

I’m not sure what it is about footprints.

But I love them, especially when they’re in beach sand.

And when the prints have been made by a critter of some kind (So does this make them pawprints?).  😉

Early morning and late evening are my favorite times to to look for them, when the light is golden and at more of an angle.

If you catch the light at just the right moment, you can watch it fill each print about halfway up with bluish shadow.

And the sand, freshly blown by our delicious sea breezes, creates a kind of rippled background pattern for the footprints that just adds to the magic.

What about you, do you like footprints in the sand, too?   😉