Flicker, Up Ahead!

I come across flickers all the time when I’m on the road.


‘Seems like I come upon one every time I take a walk.

Along the side of the road, poking around, looking for bugs.

So pretty.

Don’t you think??

P.S. NOT quite so much fun when they wake you up at dawn in the summertime, a-hammerin’ in the gutters!  😉







It’s Summer and the Clambake’s Just Gettin’ Started

Looking out across the marsh last evening you’d never know it was the first day of summer – the sea look gray-blue and mighty stormy.

We’ve had an unusually gray, wet spring thus far on the Cape, worst in a decade they say.

But the clammy clime hasn’t stopped Cape Cod summer fever for those who have come for the clambakes and the water sports.

Nor has it slowed down the ospreys who’ve come for the breeding season…

Which appears to be flying along smoothly thus far with fish aplenty!

The fishing’s been good for another of our summertime guests, too, as we see the great egrets are out there casting their nets each and every day.

Gardeners who’ve been wringing their hands over the damp, sunshine-less spring are starting to see some real signs of hope.

Check out this stunning purple bellflower…

And this drop-dead-gorgeous yellow loosestrife!

On my way home last evening, I heard sounds from deep inside this hollowed out tree; a young flicker calling wildly to its Mum.

And at another tree nearby, this young starling was peeking out its head to wish me an early “Happy summer, Sally, what time’s the clambake”?!

Whether your summer days are filled with play or with work, I hope you all find some time to get outside and see some of the natural wonders of the season.

They’re all out there, just waiting for you!  😉







Sunday Best and a Few Adieus

Hi everybody, it’s time once again for Sunday Best!

We had a lot of worthy candidates this week as some of our favorite summertime guests on the Cape were getting ready to leave us for the winter.

Contestant #1, the Willett, , savoring one final dip among the shells. We’ll miss this wonderful shorebird with such a distinctive call that can be heard all across the marsh!


Contestant #2, a duo of Great Egrets, seen from awaaay across Mill Landing as the sun was setting. These statuesque shorebirds were also making preparations for their departures this week, taking the time to pop into their favorite diner for one last nibble.


Contestant #3,  one of our charming year-rounders, the gray squirrel. And you know? No matter how many times I pass by this very tree, this charming fellow always seems to be there, nuts in hand!  😉  Blog-ForestBeachLoop637

Contestant #4,  I never can resist birds on a wire, and the swallows are some of my very favorite small birds. I call them our “dolphins of the sky”, and we’ve seen them flying in large swarms over the beaches, heading for home!


And finally, Contestant #5, another one of our year-rounders, the colorful flicker whose distinctive call makes you feel like you’re in some tropical paradise!


And there you have it. Please cast your vote for your favorite, and as always – please share your comments too!  🙂

‘Til next time, thanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod!