Goodnight, Chatham Light Beach – November 18, 2018

There was such a magical glow to everything last evening at Lighthouse beach in Chatham.

The sun had set and the water was at times, still as glass.

Ducks, gulls and Eiders fished just offshore…

Conversing with great gusto.

We came upon a solitary Sanderling…

Searching for bites to eat from the crab shells scattered along the shore.

And as I looked back at the lighthouse behind me, rising statuesque against the clouds…

The Constance Sea was comin’ home with her catch for the day.

Covered with a flock of gulls, eager for some sushi tidbits.

Just one of the daily rituals in a fishing village like Chatham.


Autumn Wind in Their Wings

Mill Landing is one of my favorite destination spots when I’m out on one of my walkabouts with the camera.

I love nothing more than coming down the hill late on a fall afternoon, and looking back at Taylor Pond all decked out in golden yellow and russet orange.

I never know who I might see flying right toward me.

Or spot through the trees just upstream…

Scratching for some supper.

It’s a magical place;  the most magical in the fall.

For as the Canada geese wend their way up the Creek to Taylor Pond for the night I always pause…

And I listen —

For the sound of the wind in their wings.  ❤

Memorial Day, Part III – Forest Beach

I arrived at Forest Beach and was thrilled to see that our rosa rugosas had bloomed overnight. Like many a Cape Codder, I wait for them all winter.

Taking a look around me, it sure seemed like everyone had gone fishin’!

One of the big commercial fishing boats was just heading out under a full head of steam.

Closer to shore, fishermen in all shapes and sizes were using their own unique methods for hauling in their catch of the day.

I was drawn to one fisherman just beyond the jettie where I was standing.

It was easy to get mesmerized. Spellbound…

By the light on the water. The slow, methodical motions of this solitary fisherman simply going about his work.

It was nice to see that I was not alone in the pleasure of the moment.

Yet as the sun climbed higher and higher, I knew I’d better get a move on to my next stop if I wanted to find a parking place.

On to Red River Beach!