Feather Touch – Day 16

Feather discoveries always seem to portend good things to come.

So I should have known when I arrived at the harbor this morning and saw THIS on the edge of the concrete wall at the start…

That I was in for something pretty special.

More to come tomorrow, ‘night all.  ❤


Snowy Egrets – Styling Magicians

How do they do it??

A Snowy Egret can take a fairly coifed, demure feather style…

And, with just a bit of preening…

Look like this!

And with just a bit more preening…

Maybe THIS!

I would love to know their styling secrets… wouldn’t you??   😉

Red Cardinal Fits the Bill

It’s time for Sunday Best, and I think you’ll agree with my candidate this week…


Between his adorable curiosity…



His charming good looks and a hairdo that was perfectly coiffed…


That this young cardinal surely “fits the bill” as today’s winner of Sunday Best!


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