A New Day

The new day dawns.

Stretching out before us with a fresh chance to step forward and make of it what we will.

forestbeachloop137And how will we live this new day? Will it be for others, or will it be for ourselves alone?

Blog-ForestBEachLoop711For love, or for hate?

Blog-Marmee242Will we build, or will we tear down?

Blog-Osprey56Reach out for greater understanding or cling in fear to the safe world we already know?

Osprey78-BlogI guess the choice is ours, and ours alone.

Blog-ForestBeachLoop540We have this day.




Friday’s Comin’

It’s been a long week.


The good news is, and I have this on good authority…


That Friday’s JUST around the corner!


So hang in there, everybody!  😉


The Purrrfect Pep Talk

That’s my girl.

Short and sweet, all puns intended, she always gives me just the Monday morning pep talk that I need…


Thanks, Marms!   ❤

Hope you have a good Monday everybody!


Sail On, Sail On

Sailing on this week toward Labor Day!


Looking forward to cooler, quieter days…

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A Sight for Sore Eyes

We lost some of our Great Blue Herons over this past winter.

Each year, a few remain with us while most of the population migrates southward.

Many of the few who stayed with us this year, sadly, succumbed to frostbite and starvation during a winter that was unusually harsh and long.

Perhaps because of their disappearance, it seemed to me to take forever for them to return to us this spring.

But when they did, my oh MY, they were a sight for sore eyes…


Their quiet, regal beauty…


Takes my breath away.

Every time.


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