A New Year’s Day, Goodnight

It was a late arrival to Stage Harbor for the sunset.

But there’s always someone to see…

Black Ducks, nibbling on some greens, paddling out from the shoreline.

A Common Loon snorkeling for just one last bite before bedtime.

And it looked like he found JUST that!  😉

And this gorgeous female Eider, glowing in the setting sunlight, who was obviously…

Getting ready to tuck in for the night.

I spotted her from the drawbridge as I walked further along, and I could hear her murmuring out “goodnights” to her friends.

And even though I missed the sunset, I could see the glow of it as it covered everything I passed by.

And I was treated to a real gift by the time I got to the fish pier, as a beautiful blue light had descended upon the old Stage Harbor Freezer Company that made me stop, take a deep breath…

And just feel blessed to live in such a place where the Beauty is just a short walk away.

Happy New Year, everybody, and goodnight!  ❤

See You Later, Dear Eider

I met one of the handsomest juvie male Eiders the other morning.

I found him preening, yet he stopped so politely when he saw me from a distance.

Because he seemed so relaxed, I snapped a few more pics from where I crouched, allowing myself to soak in his beauty.

Sadly, many of the places where I photograph our birds will soon be open to the hunters’ violence once again.

Yet no gun will ever silence the beauty and the utter majesty of these wild ones whom we love.

And so with some sadness yet a heart brimming with gratitude for the moment nonetheless, I took one more photo and whispered aloud…

“À la prochaine, mon cher”…   ❤ ❤ ❤

Have You Ever Seen an Eider Dance?

During our icy Cape Cod winters, there’s nothing that I find more peaceful than looking out and seeing an Eider who’s found a sliver of open water for fishing.

A few weeks ago, I was watching this handsome fellow who suddenly hopped up on the ice…

And then began to dance his way across the frozen surface with all the grace and style of Fred Astaire himself!

He was heading toward the next patch of open water…

And as he plopped down into his newfound sliver of blue…

I noticed that he’d found a new friend there.

A female Bufflehead!

Could this be his Ginger, I wondered??

I could tell by the way he tipped up, puffing his chest…

That he liked that idea very much!  😉

Cloudy Day Magic

Even on cloudy days, there’s always something to see here on the Cape.

Like this beautiful male eider, padding along at Forest Beach looking for a jettie to land on.

Or this male white-tailed scoter just offshore in the same spot, diving for his breakfast.  Don’t you just LOVE that orange bill and the white crescent under his eye?

On cloudy days you might even spot a few surprises peeking out at you from among the bushes if you look real close.

And I mean, REAL close!

‘Think it’s hard to find the beauty on a cloudy day?

Nope, not a bit. Sun or no sun, it’s all there just waiting for you to look for it!  😉