My First Dunlin – Day 13

I can’t even begin to tell you how over the MOON I feel after seeing my very first Dunlins today!!

And it was another one of those raw, cold, gray winter days when I ALMOST blew off my walk.

Am I ever glad, I didn’t.

A HUGE flock of Sanderlings feeding among the gulls greeted me as I stepped onto Bank Street Beach.

They made me forget everything.

Everything but THEM.

Them, and their glorious flight, their playfulness and liveliness against a cold, iced-in landscape.

And then I spotted something different.

These two tiny birds along the shoreline that caught my attention.

They were “browner” than the Sanderlings, with longer “curvier” bills.

And so connected to each other as they searched for food along the shore among the mounds of slipper shells.

There was such a “friendliness” about the two, a kind of curiosity.

They didn’t seem as skittery with my presence as the Sanderlings, who kept flying off.

In fact they actually seemed as interested in me, as I was in them.

All I know is, these two tiny birds filled my world today with sunshine, color and light.

On a day when I so did not want to face “the grays”.

Thank you, Little Ones.

Be warm, cuddle each other close thru’ this night.

And be well.  ❤ ❤