The Wood Duck, New Life Bird – Day 60

Sharing another “new life Bird” for me, the Wood Duck – and they came as a pair of drakes!

Finally getting the photos edited from this amazing cold, January morning.

Have to put on my “milliner’s hat” for tonight and get our new auction hat for Old Friends up and running – but more pics of these amazing ducks to come!  😉


The Buffleheads, Harbingers of Spring – Day 51

We have what I like to call, a roving “Band of Buffles” at Wychmere Harbor.

The interplay between the males and female Bufflehead Ducks right now, is a joy to watch.

They make a person believe — that there will be SPRING!

More about these characters, to come…   😉

New Life Bird – Northern Pintail – Post 37

And to think I had almost turned the key and headed for home.

Nothing much was happening at the harbor; I’d arrived late, long after most of the ducks had moved on up the channel at the harbor.

When all of a sudden, in flew three ducks who landed skerPLASH on the water in front of me.

A pair of Mallards… and  a third duck I’d never seen before.

He had a beautiful chocolate head, white and brown mottled feathers, white chest with a sliver of white going up the neck – and a bluish bill that glowed in the glare of morning light.

He was swimming quickly by, but I was fortunate to get a snap or two as he passed.

I found out later, it was a Northern Pintail drake, another “new life bird”!  Woo HOO!  😉  ❤


A Week of New Life Birds Begins with a Hooded Merganzer – Day 27

Well, just when I thought I’d seen my last “new life bird” for a while…

I see THIS guy over at Saquatucket Harbor!

A gorgeous male Hoodie!

I thought I’d seen one last year, but he was swimming alongside several Red-breasteds and I just couldn’t be totally sure from such a distance.

But several bird experts just confirmed it for me, so it’s officially a new bird for me!

And he’s not alone, there are MORE new birds coming to share…

Hopefully this week, the treasure hunt continues, woo HOO!  😉