The View from Cockle Cove – One Dog’s Perspective

We’ve had a few windy, cold days here on the Cape, and the view from Cockle Cove has been spectacular!

The sand was really blowing the other day at Cockle, just as the sun was setting…

Yet this one happy dog just didn’t seem to mind at all!

He ran this way…

And then that way; his eyes were gleaming and his tail never stopped wagging.

I just kept wondering, now what is making him so happy??

And then I noticed something moving, through the blowing sand, down along the shoreline.

And then – I saw TAILS!

Could it be?

Was it them??

Yesindeedy! It was the mighty Sanderlings, busy hunting for their dinner!

So that’s what had made this happy dog’s eyes shine!!

He’d come chase them a bit, and they’d fly up and land a little further down the shoreline.

Now like so many bird photographers I get frustrated when people let their dogs run wild on the beach when I’m trying to photograph the birds; scaring them up and yes, ruining many a magical Kodak moment.

Yet there was something about the sheer joy written all over this dog that reminded me of our dogs all through childhood who LOVED the beach, who went nuts whenever they got near enough to smell it.

Chasing after the birds is this dog’s nature, what living on Cape Cod is all about for him

And all I could do was smile…T

Thinking how the two of us really aren’t that much different, after all.  😉

Memorial Day, Part IV – Red River Beach

I grew up on Red River beach.

There were four of us kids in the family, and these jetties offered endless hours of nooks and crannies to explore. I remember periwinkles, slimy, squishy seaweed, and yes, more than a few skinned knees! 😉

My fondest memories of Red River beach are actually in the creek behind the dunes.

We’d chase minnows, clamber over the creaky wooden bridge.

Made memories to last a lifetime.

So every Memorial Day weekend, braving the crowds, I make it to Red River beach no matter what.

And even tho’ it was too cold for swimming yesterday, everyone had picked out their favorite spots for the day.

Looking out over the water, I could see more fishing boast heading out to cast their nets. Yet it seems no matter what I intend to shoot, it’s the birds who find my lens, no matter what!!  😉

I was trying to get a shot of these three eiders. They were swimming away so fast that I had to keep refocusing…

And then I found out — WHY!

It seemed like the place was crawling with dogs, all shapes and sizes.

And each one seemed to have their own special reason for wanting to be there, at the beach.

And although it’s a tiny beach, all in all, people are pretty good about the parking rules during the summer.

Still… there’s always ONE in every crowd who has to push the boundaries.

I got the cold shoulder from this little guy when I reminded him that the parking fines go into effect soon.  😉

I found myself smiling as I headed for the car, my head was filled with memories, old and new…

I had just one more stop this Memorial Day weekend, to a very special osprey family that has made their home very near to my own.  😉









Brindle Dog on the Beach

Saw THE coolest brindle dog on the beach last night, his stunning coat on fire with the sunset.

forestbeachloop1022-web-medAnd he was all over the place!

Running through the dunes, down to the water’s edge and back again.

A veritable blur of flopping ears and tail a-wagging.

I think he was as happy as me to finally see the SUN!  🙂










The 4th from My Mom’s Backyard

It’s been a while since I shared some photos of my Mom and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, GingerBelle.

MomGarden6-BlogTo celebrate the 4th, I thought it might be fun to show you what the two of them were up to today.

The Fourth is always such a day of memories and inspiration for my Mom.

MomGarden5-BlogAnd as I looked out early this morning, I could see that she had Gingerbelle out for a walk and their usual inspection of the yard.

MomGarden8-BlogMomGarden13-Blog-Mom lives for Gingerbelle…

And Gingerbelle for her.

MomGarden10-BlogMom also lives for her gardens. Aren’t her flowers coming along nicely this summer?

MomGarden17-BlogMomGarden7-BlogWe’re trying to get Mom to gradually convert to more container gardening, just to make it a little easier on her.

MomGarden9-BlogBut good luck with THAT one! My Mom’s got farming in her blood, and there’s just no slowing her down. Not even at 88 years young!  😉

MomGarden18-BlogAnytime you meet my Mom, she’s always got a story to tell.

Usually about something she’s thinking of planting, or a friend she talked to when she was out on her walk that day.

MomGarden16-BlogAnd GingerBelle is sure to give you a kiss and a wiggle if you let her, the two of them are quite the pair!  🙂

MomGarden11-Blog‘Til next time, Happy Fourth everybody!