Webs of Dew

The fog was thick this morning at Forest Beach marsh.

Too thick to see much of anything, I thought.

Yet as I looked closer, I saw dozens of spider webs along the marsh…

That had caught the morning moisture, creating tiny crystal water beads along each webby strand.

Such a delicate tapestry, glistening in the dim foggy light.

My reward for the early rising.  ❤

The Magic of Fog

Some people shy away from a rolling fog as it moves in.

Me? I can’t wait to get out into the fog, just to see what kind of magic it has spun — and who might be out and about, like me.

The fog the other morning at Forest Beach was as intense as I’ve ever seen it; everything covered with thick, misty clouds.

Yet while some things seemed to fade from view, some of the fall color seemed more vibrant than ever.

Even the faded-out rosa rugosa hips looked more alive than they had just the day before.

Gazing out to sea, I heard the sound of a fishing boat and could just barely make out the shape of a gull keeping watch on a jettie.

Further up the beach I spotted the red hull of a sunfish, yet the fog over the dunes made it look like the beach disappeared just beyond them.

Many of the plants and bushes along the marsh were covered with diaphanous dew-covered webs.

Intricate in their shapes and patterns, I could picture them as the inspiration for a custom silk fabric.  😉

Even some of the wild berries were covered with the delicate little webs; dew droplets hung heavy from nearby twigs.

As the morning light shone through the webs and dew droplets it made me think of a Christmas tree trimmed with tiny white bulbs and glistening tinsel!

By the time I made it to Cockle Cove, the rising sun was making an all-out effort to break through the fog.

Beautiful blue cedar berries and more dew droplets hung from the boughs of every cedar tree along the creek.

And as I slowly turned my camera further up the creek, I was suddenly startled by the reflection of a great blue heron who was busy fishing!

I smiled as he slowly peered into a shallow pool. He almost seemed to be saying, “Mirror, mirror that I see, who could be any lovelier than me?”

But we were not alone for breakfast, as several black ducks emerged through the mist to join the party.

Quacking softly, as all ducks do.

Meanwhile the sky was brightening. The sunlight was working its magic on the bittersweet along the marsh’s edge.

Nearly every berry seemed to have a tiny dew droplet all its own!

Just then I heard some sker-plashing in the shallow water past the old cedar where I stood.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a pair of black ducks in the mist, moving up the channel with great haste.

Upon closer look, I noticed that the one in the lead was carrying a tiny crab in its beak as he exclaimed, “It’s time for brunch, time for brunch! Don’t be late, it’s time for brunch!”

“Why thank you for the reminder, Little Duck,” I responded.

And although I hated to leave, I had to admit I was a little hungry, too.

I guess all that fog magic had given me quite the appetite!  😉