Spring Comes in for a Landing on Ole’ Cape Cod – Finally

Well it looks like spring has finally decided to come to Cape Cod to stay!!

The pansies are overflowing the container gardens now, their little faces smiling with delight as they dance in the soft sea breezes.

The daffies have begun to open wide their blossoms, knowing now for sure that there will be no more silly frosts to worry about.

And one of my favorites, the stunning blue glory-of-the-snow, has popped up almost overnight in the small meadow where I walk.

I wait all winter for their bold blue color and tiny white star centers…

And will you look at THIS!

These three brave crocuses decided that sole old broken piece of lattice fence wasn’t going to stop their celebration of spring’s return, no siree!

Isn’t it amazing…

How determined some things are to survive and grow, no matter what life throws at them?

So Happy Spring everybody!  That’s a sure thing now from this ole’ Cape Cod that gets a little less chilly each and every day!  😉








Well, Look Who’s Back!

It’s that time of year.

The crocuses are braving the relentlessly raw chill of Cape Cod springtime, pushing their way up, up, up through the sandy soil and pine needles.

You see robins everywhere! Their red breasts so bright and eye-catching that you can’t help but stop and stare as they warn you to “Kindly move along, please, move along, move along.”

The Canadas are gathering to discuss the usual goosely matters – the new nest, the high cost of living on the Cape, the affordability of sending 6 new kids to college.

And oh my yes! The ospreys are back, and it’s as if they never left.

Soaring in over the marsh, circling high in the sky, sending their cries out to announce their arrivals.

But no time for dilly dallying!

It’s time to find your mate…

Pick out a spot for the new nest, stake your claim, and get acquainted.

My heart feels at ease.

The marsh has welcomed our “fish hawks” to their summer home once again.

Their familiar spring rituals have begun.

After a long, quiet winter here on Cape Cod, they sure are a sight for sore eyes.

All is well, all is well. All is truly well.











Spring Comes Creeping on Cape Cod

Just 2 more days ’til Spring.

And little by little here on the Cape, along the marshes and channels, you can see it creeping in…

ForestBeachLoop718-MedThe geese are out and about in pairs, looking for the perfect nesting spots.

ForestBeachLoop722-MedShe looks…

ForestBeachLoop727-BlogHe watches.

ForestBeachLoop721-MedThere’s no sign of the ospreys yet…

ForestBeachLoop728-BlogBut we have crocuses!

ForestBeachLoop716-MedAnd more redwings every day!

Bird241Spring on Cape Cod is not for the faint of heart.

It creeps in slowly. Looking for everything like autumn.

ForestBeachLoop726-BlogYet for those who love the Cape like I do, while the unfolding of its Spring may be slow…

Its rewards of subtle beauty…

Blog-ForestBeachLoop713AAnd tiny little surprises, here and there…

ForestBeachLoop725-MedAre very great indeed!  😉

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