Cranberries on Ice – Day 12

I dropped in at Jenkins Bog, just to see how the berries looked this time of year.

And was treated to a colorful, textured “feast for the eyes”!

Along the banks of every ditch that I came to…

I found colorful berries, red, yellow and pink, nestled in for a long, winter’s nap.

But the neatest thing of all, in the places where moving water had slowly turned to ice in the bog…

I found cranberries scattered here and there, frozen into the ice!

I felt transported, as if were walking through some abstract art gallery…

Bedazzled by blurry, plump berries covered over with layers of icy “varnish” in their newly frozen world.

Talk about a nice surprise in the middle of winter!  😉


A Cape Cod Harvest

I had the most amazing time watching this year’s cranberry harvest at a local Harwich bog.

For 6 days, off and on, I dropped in on the harvesting process, captivated by this Cape Cod crop that’s been grown here for 200 years.

It only took me 50 plus years to finally watch one from start to finish!  😉

The important things is, I got here.

NOW I just need some time to get some photos ready to share. So stay tuned for more!!!






Paddle On

Another wonderful moment from the cranberry harvest.

Fitting for a day when it’s all about paddling on, about keeping on.

‘Got my duck boots, ON!  😉

Have a good day everyone.  ❤