Cloudy Day Magic

Even on cloudy days, there’s always something to see here on the Cape.

Like this beautiful male eider, padding along at Forest Beach looking for a jettie to land on.

Or this male white-tailed scoter just offshore in the same spot, diving for his breakfast.  Don’t you just LOVE that orange bill and the white crescent under his eye?

On cloudy days you might even spot a few surprises peeking out at you from among the bushes if you look real close.

And I mean, REAL close!

‘Think it’s hard to find the beauty on a cloudy day?

Nope, not a bit. Sun or no sun, it’s all there just waiting for you to look for it!  😉

Cooper’s Hawk, To Go

The weather had been wild and woolly all morning, and I had resigned myself to the fact that there would be no bird sightings today.

I happened to be looking out the front door to check on the storm, when all of a sudden I spotted a gorgeous Cooper’s hawk diving down from one of the tallest silver leafs along the driveway!

By the time I got to the studio window at the other end of the apartment, he had landed in one of the silver leafs on the far side.

An amazing immature specimen, and I could see several crows already screaming at him from a nearby tree.

Yet he seemed in no hurry; slowly peering about, like he owned the place.

Even through the rain, the dim light and the filmy porthole window here in the studio, he couldn’t have looked any more magnificent to me.

Such an amazing gift arriving right to my doorstep, and for sure when I least expected it.

As the wind started to pick up again, I could tell he was getting more agitated.

Like it was time to go.

And sure enough, with eyes bright and every muscle tensing for quick action, off he flew with great purpose.

Who needs a pizza delivery on a chilly, rainy Sunday, when it appears that you can just get a Cooper’s hawk to go?

And note to self: Clean said porthole window, for the next unexpected visitor.   😉