A Little Cloudy Day Relish

Some people just “get through” the cloudy days…

As they await the next sunny one.

I relish the cloudy days, and the magic they bring with them.

When colors seem more intense, yet at the same time softer, almost dreamlike.

When it’s quieter, too.

Even among the birds, ordinarily so full of a million things to chatter about.

It’s when every breeze seems to be whispering something as it moves over the sand-sprinkled rosehips…

And upward through the pines.

Something akin to a secret.

A secret that I relish.  ❤

I Love Clouds

As the clouds settled in on the Cape today I found myself looking forward to the first snowflakes of the season falling overnight.

It made me think back on some of the amazing “cloud sunsets” we’ve seen in recent days.

I happen to LOVE clouds.

In all their many shapes…


And sizes.

I think they make life more interesting.

Don’t you??