A New Year’s Day, Goodnight

It was a late arrival to Stage Harbor for the sunset.

But there’s always someone to see…

Black Ducks, nibbling on some greens, paddling out from the shoreline.

A Common Loon snorkeling for just one last bite before bedtime.

And it looked like he found JUST that!  😉

And this gorgeous female Eider, glowing in the setting sunlight, who was obviously…

Getting ready to tuck in for the night.

I spotted her from the drawbridge as I walked further along, and I could hear her murmuring out “goodnights” to her friends.

And even though I missed the sunset, I could see the glow of it as it covered everything I passed by.

And I was treated to a real gift by the time I got to the fish pier, as a beautiful blue light had descended upon the old Stage Harbor Freezer Company that made me stop, take a deep breath…

And just feel blessed to live in such a place where the Beauty is just a short walk away.

Happy New Year, everybody, and goodnight!  ❤


Sun Rising at Forest Beach – August 7, 2018

I hadn’t been to Forest Beach to see the sunrise in a long, long time.

And yesterday’s rising, did not disappoint.

At that early hour, you could juuust make out the shapes in the far osprey nest in the marsh.

By the time I had made my way down to the shore, the sun had cleared the treetops and was lazily hovering over the houses that line the beach.

Its glowing radiance echoed in the gentle waves spilling toward shore…

In the windows of a nearby beach house…

And on the bellies of the stints that were feeding and preening at the water’s edge.

It was the kind of sunrise that made you so grateful for the quiet.

The kind you can only truly relish, when all is still and hushed.

When I finally headed back to my car, I could see the sun out beyond the marsh, continuing its slow rise through the hot, humid air.

Oh to be an osprey, I whispered, Out there in the marsh!

Wakening to such magic, each and every morning…  ❤

Cormorant for Assistant Shellfish Constable – Chatham, Cape Cod

I was down at Mill Landing the other evening and couldn’t help noticing that someone was perched out on the No Shellfishing sign.

As I got a bit closer I could see that it was a very handsome Cormorant.

Our newest candidate for the Assistant Shellfish Constable position in Chatham!

So said his mate, Mrs. C, who was swimming nearby.

And today was the day the camera crew was coming to get some press pics of the new candidate.

Yet I couldn’t help noticing that Mr. C was having quite the dilemma…

Oh dear, oh dear. Which do you think is my best side, he asked. The right...

Or the left?

I hated to spoil all the fun, but I finally had to bring myself to mention to his mate one very important detail about the job as Assistant Shellfish Constable.

I explained to Mrs. C that if her husband actually got the new job, he’d have to give up his very favorite shellfish delicacy, juicy crayfish.

Straightaway Mrs. C swam out to tell her mate the news.

He did not take it well.

When I left the Landing I had no idea how things had been left.

All I can say is, you’d better stay tuned!  😉

Welcome Morning… at Ridgevale Beach

I love mornings at Ridgevale Beach.

For the light.

For the birds I find there.

This time of year, I’ll see great egrets and snowies…

Terns and laughing gulls, piping plovers.

Some flying low over the tidal flats…

Others feeding in the shallows.

Crouched down with camera in hand, this is pretty much my idea of “heaven”.

Complete with twinkling stars on shimmering blue.