Pretty Lady

Oh my…

One of the prettiest little ladies I’ve seen in a long time…

Enjoy her!


The Richness of Friends

I love meeting new friends.

Like the ones I met on my walk this morning around the ‘hood.

Benny the Bunny was first. He had the darkest brown eyes and he was the best model ever, never twitching a whisker.

I heard  Lewis, long before I spotted him. The politest fellow you’d ever want to meet, and myohmy, could he ever SING!

I’d never met a bank swallow until today. Meet Sydney, who claimed he’d found THE best spot for a nest right there along the channel at Mill Landing.

And ahhh… Miss Henrietta. She had the softest feathers that gleamed in the sun, and a coo that made your ears feel like they’d just been caressed. Roger the Rabbit brought up the rear. A comical little fellow, he was. And I didn’t get a picture of it but he had THE cutest, fluffiest cottony tail I’ve ever seen in my life!

I sure hope I see them all again soon.

I’ve always said that a person is rich, as long as they have good friends.  😉


The Sad Old Tree

Today’s the day that my Mom’s Sad Old Tree gets a haircut.

The tree’s been here ever since Mom’s family built the house back in the 50’s. An old, majestic white pine that has seen better days and waaay too many Nor’easters.

Yet no matter how old and sad the tree gets, it will always remind me of the four of us kids growing up. Playing softball in the backyard, running the bases, and smelling that sweet pine sap when we’d lean against its trunk in the shade of its enormous limbs.

And recently, this past fall, it’s where I found a hawk sleeping. And there could be no better arms to fall asleep in, no better arms in the whole world.

I visited The Sad Old Tree early this morning… Feeling more than a bit sad.

Thank goodness I had friends, to keep me company.

Just hoping that there are no birds nesting in the scrub pines near the Sad Old Tree. I’ve been hearing the doves every morning, and want them to be safe.

Feel better, Sad Old Tree. My sweet old friend.  ❤



Red Cardinal Fits the Bill

It’s time for Sunday Best, and I think you’ll agree with my candidate this week…


Between his adorable curiosity…



His charming good looks and a hairdo that was perfectly coiffed…


That this young cardinal surely “fits the bill” as today’s winner of Sunday Best!


Thank you for visiting me here again at Images of Cape Cod!


Sunday Best, Cape Cod Style

If you had to choose, which one of these Cape Cod birds would you pick for the very BEST, Sunday Best?

And please remember, this is not a vote about the photography, it’s a vote about which of our contestants displays the very best Sunday attire.

Are you ready?

Contestant #1, the mute swan…


Contestant #2, the cardinal…


Contestant #3, the eider…


Contestant #4… The redwing blackbird…


And finally Contestant #5, the osprey…


Please cast your vote, the winner will be announced later on today!

Thank you for visiting Images of Cape Cod!