Sun Rising at Forest Beach – August 7, 2018

I hadn’t been to Forest Beach to see the sunrise in a long, long time.

And yesterday’s rising, did not disappoint.

At that early hour, you could juuust make out the shapes in the far osprey nest in the marsh.

By the time I had made my way down to the shore, the sun had cleared the treetops and was lazily hovering over the houses that line the beach.

Its glowing radiance echoed in the gentle waves spilling toward shore…

In the windows of a nearby beach house…

And on the bellies of the stints that were feeding and preening at the water’s edge.

It was the kind of sunrise that made you so grateful for the quiet.

The kind you can only truly relish, when all is still and hushed.

When I finally headed back to my car, I could see the sun out beyond the marsh, continuing its slow rise through the hot, humid air.

Oh to be an osprey, I whispered, Out there in the marsh!

Wakening to such magic, each and every morning…  ❤


Because of the Birds

I’ve fallen in love with my ole’ Cape Cod, where I was born, quite possibly for the first time.

Because of the new eyes a tiny camera has given me.

And the amazing beauty I see through it.

Fields of Gold, Cape Cod Style

I love our “fields of gold” in autumn.

Especially down at Mill Creek.


On Ole’ Cape Cod.

Thank you, Mill Landing, for your amazing beauty….

May we always protect you.

For our wildlife – and future generations – to enjoy.   ❤

In Search of More Hours

Well it’s official.

I need more hours in the day to share with you the incredible Beauty that I find here on Cape Cod.

Every time I step outside with my camera, it’s there. Right there in front of me.

Like most of us I wear several wide brim hats – custom milliner, Old Friends  sponsor, Marmee’s Mom, my Mom’s primary caregiver – I am determined to FIND those moments to do just that.

It’s that important.  ❤









It’s Summer and the Clambake’s Just Gettin’ Started

Looking out across the marsh last evening you’d never know it was the first day of summer – the sea look gray-blue and mighty stormy.

We’ve had an unusually gray, wet spring thus far on the Cape, worst in a decade they say.

But the clammy clime hasn’t stopped Cape Cod summer fever for those who have come for the clambakes and the water sports.

Nor has it slowed down the ospreys who’ve come for the breeding season…

Which appears to be flying along smoothly thus far with fish aplenty!

The fishing’s been good for another of our summertime guests, too, as we see the great egrets are out there casting their nets each and every day.

Gardeners who’ve been wringing their hands over the damp, sunshine-less spring are starting to see some real signs of hope.

Check out this stunning purple bellflower…

And this drop-dead-gorgeous yellow loosestrife!

On my way home last evening, I heard sounds from deep inside this hollowed out tree; a young flicker calling wildly to its Mum.

And at another tree nearby, this young starling was peeking out its head to wish me an early “Happy summer, Sally, what time’s the clambake”?!

Whether your summer days are filled with play or with work, I hope you all find some time to get outside and see some of the natural wonders of the season.

They’re all out there, just waiting for you!  😉