See You Later, Dear Eider

I met one of the handsomest juvie male Eiders the other morning.

I found him preening, yet he stopped so politely when he saw me from a distance.

Because he seemed so relaxed, I snapped a few more pics from where I crouched, allowing myself to soak in his beauty.

Sadly, many of the places where I photograph our birds will soon be open to the hunters’ violence once again.

Yet no gun will ever silence the beauty and the utter majesty of these wild ones whom we love.

And so with some sadness yet a heart brimming with gratitude for the moment nonetheless, I took one more photo and whispered aloud…

“À la prochaine, mon cher”…   ❤ ❤ ❤

Ospreys at Forest Beach Marsh – From a Distance

Life goes on this spring for the Ospreys over at Forest Beach marsh.

The May marsh is greening up at last, and many of the ospreys are on their eggs now.

Some of the aerial dramas are pretty dynamic this year as others continue to jockey for the best spot.

Or for any spot, for that matter, with real estate scarce and more ospreys than ever!

Some of the nests this year seem awfully near to the ground, and vulnerable to predators like racoons…

While it’s nice to see our osprey population here on the Cape doing well again, I guess even for our feathered friends it’s tough to find affordable rentals here on Cape Cod!   😉