Eider Dive – Day 84

One of the most fascinating things to me about the diving ducks…

Is the different ways they dive; each one so different.

This, is an Eider Dive.

So powerful, so elegant, they barely make a sound.

I could watch them for hours.  ❤


A Long Tail to Tell – Day 67

I so remember when I spotted my first Long-tailed this winter, they almost looked like a combination between a duck and a dog of some kind!

And on my recent trip to MacMillan Wharf in PTown, I was able to get a bit closer to these amazing sea birds.

Amazing coloring, wild feathers, they are one of my new favorites!

Someday, with a really long lens, I hope to do them better justice, but at least I got a bit closer than my first attempt a month or so ago at Bank Street Beach.

They are the most amazing things to watch, out there on the rolling waves, flipping up those tail feathers and leaving bird lovers like me wanting more…

Until next time!  😉

Repeat Rock Harbor Visit with the Hybrid Buffle x Common Goldeneye – Day 52

Well there I was at Rock Harbor, drooling over the most amazing Common Loon that was swimming up the channel…

When UP! popped the hybrid Bufflehead x Common Goldeneye duck that I’d seen at that very spot back in December!

How glorious it was to see him again, and myohmy, he sure was looking well!

Swimming along with all of his Bufflehead pals…

And looking so handsome against all of the rippling reflections there in the water.

And if I don’t get a chance to visit with this amazing “new life bird” again this year before he leaves us…

I will count myself blessed to have gotten the chance to see him… just once more.

The Buffleheads, Harbingers of Spring – Day 51

We have what I like to call, a roving “Band of Buffles” at Wychmere Harbor.

The interplay between the males and female Bufflehead Ducks right now, is a joy to watch.

They make a person believe — that there will be SPRING!

More about these characters, to come…   😉