Iced In, at Rock Harbor – Day 19

I dropped in at Rock Harbor, and was amazed to see how frozen over it all was.

But it wasn’t the ice floes…

Or the colors of the dunes beyond that captivated me most.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog about what it WAS that sent me over the MOON!  😉


Slipper Shell, Iced In – Day 18

The Slipper Shell, often called a slipper limpet, is a snail with a decklike half partition inside its shell.

You often see them on our beaches, stacked on on top of the other.

I simply think they are beautiful…

Especially when I come upon them along the shore in winter, all covered with ice crystals.

One Glorious Winter’s Day, I Met a Seal – Day 17

Well there I was, photographing Sanderlings along the shore at Bank Street Beach.

When I spotted something ahead on the jetty that was definitely larger than a bird.

Although this gull who suddenly flew in, seemed determined to prove me wrong!  😉

I’d only ever seen seals down at the fish pier in Chatham, but I knew it was a Harbor Seal.

Yet because I had never seen one here at Bank Street, I wasn’t sure if he was simply enjoying the setting sunshine…

Or if there was something wrong with him.

So, I called Wild Care of Cape Cod, then IFAW, two of my favorite wildlife organizations here on the Cape.

IFAW asked me to take a few pics, if I could, and email them in when I got home to my computer.

Could I??

I tried to get different angles, different views, as he turned, this way and then that…

Several times, he appeared to be trying to snooze a bit.

Yet the whole time, he was very much aware of me.

Somehow, by his eyes and demeanor, I could tell he knew I was not a threat.

That I meant him no harm, which could not have been more true.

Little could he have known, I was a FAN!

And when he “waved” at me, well…

I was over the MOON!

The following day I was relieved to hear from IFAW that this appeared to be an individual that was doing well.

In fact, he’d been spotted again, in Hyannis, looking healthy.


Once I knew that, I could relax, and enjoy the sheer Beauty of this amazing sea mammal who happened to cross my path.

One glorious winter’s day.  ❤

Feather Touch – Day 16

Feather discoveries always seem to portend good things to come.

So I should have known when I arrived at the harbor this morning and saw THIS on the edge of the concrete wall at the start…

That I was in for something pretty special.

More to come tomorrow, ‘night all.  ❤

A Winter Beach Sunset – Day 15

It was another darkish, gray hazy sunset at Bank Street beach.

But that didn’t stop me from pulling up my hoodie, or the gulls from showing up along the shoreline.

Some perched atop their mounds of slipper shells, while others pecked thru’ the seaweed for some dinner, chattering (as gulls do) all the while.

Yet even in the muted, hazy light the magic of the sunset shone through the clouds…

Sending a golden light across the wide landscape …

Right down to the tiny wispy blades of sea grass, gently waving in the breeze.

I’m so glad I braved the cold and the gray.

In search of the beauty.

Of this winter beach.

Fishing for Magic, at the Side of the Road – Day 14

I could have SO easily gotten rear-ended, but I could not resist pulling over to the side of the road and leaning out the window for this cutie!

For your viewing pleasure, one of our glorious Lady Kingfishers of Red River!

And don’t you just LOVE the DOO??

Yes, I do.

And the magic that is so uniquely and noisily and charmingly… Kingfisher.   ❤