Beauty on Ice at Bank Street Beach – Day 22

I love Cape Cod in winter.

The once-smooth beaches get covered with jagged edges where the tidewater recedes…

Leaving behind long, glassy shards along the shore in its wake.

Broken chunks of sand and ice, in all shapes and sizes, get left behind too; revealing a process that is anything but a gentle one!

And there’s even more than sand that gets left behind.

Tiny treasures, churned up from the ocean bottom, are just waiting to be discovered!

Stones, shells and bits of seaweed await the curious eyes and minds…

Of those who get close enough to look for them.  😉

Quahog shells, scattered about by the tide, cast long shadows in the early morning sun.

Ordinary broken shell pieces are transformed by the simple forces of tide, wind and temperature into something quite magical.

Slipper shells, encrusted with tidewater in their cracks and crannies…

Join larger shells that get sand-sprinkled, oh-so-delicately, “under glass”…

Or hook up with clumps of seaweed glued together by thick globs of donut-like glaze.

Yet even with the cold, there are always new friends to meet out on the Cape beaches in wintertime.

Some seem to ignore the cold; preferring instead to bask in whatever sunshine peeks from behind billowy clouds.

Yet the shoreline isn’t the only thing that gets layered with ice.

The receding tide coats the jettys in ice as well…

Leaving treasures behind there, too…

On glazed, jagged boulders.

Glorious finds, for those with careful eyes.

Now I know that some come to the Cape only in summertime; eager for the shorebirds, sunbathing and sailing.

I find such incredible beauty in all of the seasons along these sandy shores.

But none more exquisite, than the beauty that I find here in winter!


Shadowy Foot(paw)prints in the Sand

I’m not sure what it is about footprints.

But I love them, especially when they’re in beach sand.

And when the prints have been made by a critter of some kind (So does this make them pawprints?).  😉

Early morning and late evening are my favorite times to to look for them, when the light is golden and at more of an angle.

If you catch the light at just the right moment, you can watch it fill each print about halfway up with bluish shadow.

And the sand, freshly blown by our delicious sea breezes, creates a kind of rippled background pattern for the footprints that just adds to the magic.

What about you, do you like footprints in the sand, too?   😉

Brindle Dog on the Beach

Saw THE coolest brindle dog on the beach last night, his stunning coat on fire with the sunset.

forestbeachloop1022-web-medAnd he was all over the place!

Running through the dunes, down to the water’s edge and back again.

A veritable blur of flopping ears and tail a-wagging.

I think he was as happy as me to finally see the SUN!  🙂