Honk to the New Day

It’s become a ritual for me now. I can’t wait for the dawn.

I hurry to get the car warmed up, eager to get to Forest Beach right around sunrise.

Even in the dim light, there’s always something going on down by the shore when I arrive.

I scoot down in the sand with my camera to watch.

And then, in the distance, somewhere out in the marsh, I hear them stirring.

The Canadas.

Someone out walking their dog along the beach has surely roused them from their beds.

Their conversation continues, the honking gets louder.

And closer.

Then suddenly, UP over the dunes comes the first pair!

Honking excitedly to one another, they fly over me, past me, so close that I can hear the rush of the wind in their wings.

I watch them make their way up toward Red River beach and then finally, dip down, and out of sight.

But the conversation out in the marsh continues. The sound of honking gets louder once again.

Then all at once I see the rest of the flock, sometimes twenty in all, flying in tandem, up and over me,  just like the others.

The sound of their collective voices calling, again and again, rises above all else in the chill, salty air.

It is a musical perfection I can’t even begin to describe.

The flock moves quickly toward Red River, the sounds of their voices fade away altogether.

But in my heart I am right there with them, flying high.

Raising my own voice as I, too, honk to greet the new day!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon… a brand new blog story, “Growing up Gosling”.

As a Cape Codder who loves taking pictures of the beauty of this place I call home, this was an amazing photo experience that I can’t wait to share with you!

Look for it soon…  😉


Havin’ Dinner with the Geese

It’s the simple stuff I love the best.

Like being out there tonight by the dock at Taylor Pond, just as the light was fading.

Standing there real quiet.

Having dinner with the geese.

Watching them have their fill, get ready to leave.

Taking what was left “to go”.





At Long Last, Goslings

I’ve been hearing from the locals lately that the Mill Landing Canada geese were seen out and about with their goslings on Mother’s Day.

Naturally, I’ve been waiting for them ever since, camera in hand. Mornings, evenings, scanning the tall grass along the shoreline at Taylor Pond. No goslings.

One morning I did see a pair of Canada’s circling Taylor pond, back and forth, back and forth. Their movements were mesmerizing, so fluid and graceful.

I must have taken 70 shots, certain that any moment I was going to see a fuzzy-headed gosling or two. The pair finally disappeared in the tall grass at the far end of the pond. Not a single gosling in sight.

Last night after a short photo session at Mill Landing, I was turning to head up the hill when all of a sudden, I saw them.  At the entrance to Taylor Pond, glowing in the last rays of the setting sun.

I had all I could do to stop trembling and get a few shots. The adults were moving the goslings along quickly and I could see that they weren’t going to be in the sun for very long, once they hit the water.

The goslings stuck tight and close to the parents. And the parents, never took their eyes off of me.

As they passed along in the shadows – and safety – of the seawall at the opening to Taylor Pond, the parents kept their family focused and moving.

I counted 6 goslings in all, heading straight toward me in a nearly perfect line.

As they got closer, I could see that the parents were slowing their paddling, looking at me and from one side of the channel to the other. It was becoming clear to me that these good parents were not going to bring their precious babies any further up the channel so long as I was standing there so close to the shoreline.

When it seemed as if they’d almost stopped, I decided it was time for me to move along and give them “the path”.

Now some might say it was silly of me to back out of “the picture”. Yet while I have as great a passion for taking images of the wildlife that I find as anyone you’ll ever meet, it is never my intention to interrupt or to disturb the wild things that I see. No photo is worth that. Not to me.

So I bid them all, “Goodnight!’ And “See you soon!”

Until next time, I’ll be dreaming of the chance to see these tiny goslings again…  😉







Evenings at the Mill

Evenings are my favorite time at Mill Landing.

It’s a time to talk over the day with friends.

But mostly… it’s the quiet time.

Time to breathe in the beauty that surrounds you.

Let the cares of the day slip away with the tide and just —


‘Night from the Mill!