The Buffleheads, Harbingers of Spring – Day 51

We have what I like to call, a roving “Band of Buffles” at Wychmere Harbor.

The interplay between the males and female Bufflehead Ducks right now, is a joy to watch.

They make a person believe — that there will be SPRING!

More about these characters, to come…   😉


Thanksgiving’s Early Arrival

Rain was due in today.

So I headed to Wychmere Harbor, in between errands for Thanksgiving Day.

All was quiet.

It was as if everyone was poised, just waiting for the first raindrops to fall.

And by the time I had pulled in up the road at Herring River, they were.

But that didn’t phase this pair of Buffleheads, not one little bit.

Like little rubber duckies they dove, and within moments bobbled back up; seeming quite content in one another’s company.

And as I heard the sound of the raindrops falling on the roof of my car, pitter-patter-pat, and watched them as they fell all around the ducks in the water…

All I could think of was how I wouldn’t rather have spent the day before Thanksgiving Eve in any other way.

Thanksgiving gratitude, had come early.  ❤