Return to Forest Beach – Day 71

My re-entry today at Forest Beach, from start to finish, was nothing short of magical.

A Ring-billed-gull, snatching his dinner from the sea.

A large clam shell, covered with barnacles and seaweed, bathed by one wave after another, and another, and another.

And my BRANTS!

Soaring above me and out over the water, calling to one another as they flew.

Follow me, follow me!

This way, this way!

I found the prettiest beach shrine of piled up rocks of all different colors and sizes; created by someone to whom they meant something special.

It felt so WONDERFUL to be…

HOME.  ❤

Christmas Eve Breakfast – with the Brants

It was a Merry Christmas indeed!

One of the best moments was a sunrise walk I took on Christmas Eve morning, down at my home beach, Red River.

The sun was just beginning to break through the low-lying clouds on the horizon as I reached the parking lot.

When it got too bright for my eyes, it was fun watching its warm yellow glow reflected in the windows of the beach houses all along the shore.

I was just beginning to think that maybe it was too cold and windy for any birds to be out and about.

When a small flock of brants suddenly landed in the nearby channel.


Sometimes it’s tough to capture the pretty eyes that brants have.

But this morning’s sun was bathing each bird in a soft buttery light;  illuminating eyes and bills, and feathers, too!

It was a grand Christmas feast there on the mud flats as the brants quickly discovered the tender greens that the tide had washed in overnight.

Brants are incredibly verbal birds; always talking among themselves. As if their sheer delight with life simply must be shared.

When they feed, they savor each and every bite. Almost as if it was the tastiest thing they’d ever tasted, or ever would.

And brants are kind. Always ready to make room for just one more at their table, even if they are late for breakfast.

But it’s only when a brant stops.

Turns its soft eyes upon you…

And then stretches up for a glorious wing flapping display that you realize you are smitten.

And that you will love these gentle birds forever and always.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and thank you to the brants who made mine!  ❤

A Message from the Brants

Just when I thought the world that I’d seen before me on my winter walk could not have gotten any greyer…

Or colder…

Or bleaker.

I returned to the car and saw a bright glow down along the shore.

So I went to look.

forestbeach65-blogAnd my, oh my!

The color and the light, the sky and the water were on fire with oranges and pinks and blues. What a welcome surprise to my hungry heart that had seen only gray skies, for days upon days!

And there, moving out upon the water I saw a pair of brants.

Murmuring softly to one another.

forestbeach66-blogI looked to the horizon, and marveled at how my world had changed just by coming down to the shore.

forestbeach67-blogAnd as I watched the pair out there upon the water, a peace fell over me when I finally heard what they were saying…

forestbeach68-blog“All is well, all is well…”

forestbeach69-blog“All is truly well.”

forestbeach70-blog‘Night everyone.  🙂











Cape Cod Welcomes Winter Solstice

The weather here yesterday on the Cape was pretty crummy, so I’ve decided to share some of the beauty that I found earlier in the week in the lead up to Winter Solstice!

All week long at Red River Beach the gulls were busy preparing a mighty feast for the arrival of the new season…


Fluffing their feathers to look their absolute best as the shortest day of the year drew closer and closer.


Meanwhile, over at Forest Beach, the brants were displaying their own pirouettes and pliés upon the rolling waves…



While the geese in the marsh preferred to herald in the holiday in their customarily quiet celebratory tones.


Mill Landing was peaceful and still, as if the world was holding its breath in anticipation.


A flock of buffles allowed me a rare sneak preview of the dance that they were rehearsing for the grand season opener (amidst more than a little bit of splashing and quackering!)…


As a tiny flock of geese perfected their Zen-like meditations quietly in the reflective shallows of the channel pools.


And even though the weather grew dark and damp as the big day approached, I’ve held onto the beauty of these moments in the marsh and along the shore…


As everyone, from every corner, awaited the moment when they could finally announce together with one glorious voice…


Welcome, Winter Solstice, one and all!


Thanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod, and Happy Solstice!