Sunset Moorings – Day 76

Stage Harbor at sunset.

Common Loon and boat…

Moored for the night.   ❤


Something Special

I hear this question all the time when I am out with my camera.

“Seen anything special?”

The fact of the matter is, I see so MUCH “special” but don’t have nearly the time I’d like to edit and share it all!  😉

Like this osprey that was flying over me at Mill Landing the other day, who just happened to pass behind the windshield of the boat docked in front of me.

Or the poke berries changing from their summer-to-autumn clothes. I remember these from my childhood, especially when I made the mistake of squeezing their “inky” berries!

This dapper fellow caught my eye the other morning as he strutted his stuff for the gull-gals down at Forest Beach. A special kind of handsome, don’t you think?

Ever since I can remember I have loved thistle. And now, with the camera, I can’t seem to get enough of these purple flowers with prickly stems, the way they catch the light…

Sometimes it’s the simplest thing I’ll see that feels special.

Like this sailboat that’s been anchored at Forest Beach. Every time I pass it and see the waves gently lapping its edges, it makes me feel so calm, so peaceful.

I suppose the truth of the matter is that “special” is in the eye of the beholder.

Maybe the next time someone asks me, “Seen anything special?” I’ll simply say, “Why yes…”

“And YOU?”




Happy Birthday, America

I can hear them already outside my window. The steady stream of cars, making their way to Chatham for the big parade.


It’s the Fourth of July weekend and the official start of summer here on Cape Cod!

After the parade, cars filled with umbrellas, squealing children and floaties will flood the beaches.


Boats of every size and color will be launched.

Left hand turns will have to wait ’til Labor Day, and the annual battle over parking spaces will begin again in earnest.

Blog-ForestBeach21Traditional fishermen will drag out their poles and tackle boxes. Others, will discover new techniques that work for them (Note the more experienced fisherman in the distant background).


Five star restaurants will summon the very best seafood chefs around.

Blog-ForestBeachLoop356For me, the Fourth is a day to find the quieter places.

The dirt paths, the out of the way spaces…


I will follow the birds, the true experts on quiet…

Blog-ForestBeachLoop354Blog-ForestBeachMarsh12In search of beauty, and my own idea of fireworks.


No matter what your particular tradition or dream might for this holiday, I hope that you find it.

It is worth searching for…


Happy Fourth of July everybody, and Happy Birthday America!