In the Company of a Friendly Blue Jay

I was at Forest Beach the other evening, when the prettiest Blue Jay appeared in the shadows of the marsh.

He seemed very aware of my presence, eyeing me more than most.

He flew up to the No Parking sign, as if to get a better look at this tall figure with the green light.

Then he flew back to the marsh, a bit further into the sunlight where I could see just how pretty he was, oh my!

And then off again, striking such a lovely profile pose.

Turning one more time, he gave me one last, long look out of the corner of his eye…

And then – he was gone in a flash of blue!

I sure hope I see this beauty again, what wonderful company he made!   😉

A Blue Jay’s Acorn Surprise

I’ve always had a soft spot for blue jays.

A bit noisy, yes, and pretty aggressive toward other birds.

Still, they are gorgeous! And in the fall, their feathers seem their bluest blue against the backdrop of autumn marsh and sea beyond.

And right now, you find them everywhere!

Perched in cedar trees, madly collecting acorns, caching them away for the harsh winter months to come.

I met this one charming fellow the other day near Forest Beach, perched on a telephone pole.

He spotted me right away, and had such a twinkle in his eye.

And then, I discovered the reason why.

For there, in his tiny beak, he had not one but TWO acorns!

If he keeps going at this rate, one could only imagine the stash this tiny fellow will have through the winter!  😉











Sunday Best on the Verge of Fall

Welcome to Sunday Best, and as summer draws to a hot, sticky close we have an amazing lineup of contestants for you today!

Contestant #1, such a lovely little female sparrow, basking in a sunset glow — is she House, or Savannah??


Contestant #2, Baby Bunny, low in grass. I don’t think she can see me.


Contestant #3, a slightly rumpled Seagull, setting sail in search of unsuspecting crabs!


Contestant #4, Neon Man, definitely on the fence about summer being over.


Contestant #5, a gorgeous catbird, insistent that his back side was, indeed, his best side.


And finally, Contestant #6, a young – and very noisy – Blue Jay, one of our best avian tree ornaments on the Cape.


Let me know your pick for Sunday Best, and thanks for playing!  🙂