Robins on the Eve of a Cape Cod Blizzard

What IS it about robins?

Bird394-BlogThe robins of winter here on the Cape always seem to know when we’re about to get hammered with snow.

It was like a PARTY out there in the backyard today!

There were robins everywhere, noisily putting on a real show, fluffing all their feathers, flying from tree to tree, posing their very best of poses.

Bird398-BlogBird396-BlogAnd they look you RIGHT in the eye, too.

Bird395-BlogHeck! they do everything but WAVE at the camera.

Never letting on that soon, oh-so-very soon, oh YES… it’s COMING.

The Blizzard of the Century…

Bird397-BlogWellllll.. this little guy was pretty darn cute, too!  😉

Bird399-BlogIf you live in the Northeast, hope you get thru’ the blizzard okay!

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