Because of the Birds

I've fallen in love with my ole' Cape Cod, where I was born, quite possibly for the first time. Because of the new eyes a tiny camera has given me. And the amazing beauty I see through it. ❤


With the Birds

I do not know why I have become so fascinated with the birds. I think part of it is, I cannot believe... that they allow me to BE there. To let me share their space. And make no mistake... it is, theirs. I believe this is a house finch, dim light, end of day. ❤

Flicker, Up Ahead!

I come across flickers all the time when I'm on the road. Literally! 'Seems like I come upon one every time I take a walk. Along the side of the road, poking around, looking for bugs. So pretty. Don't you think?? P.S. NOT quite so much fun when they wake you up at dawn in... Continue Reading →

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