The Spaces They Call Home

Even tho’ I am captivated by the birds that I find on my walkabouts, I am equally drawn to the beauty of their environments.

To the spaces they call, “home”.  ❤


Because of the Birds

I’ve fallen in love with my ole’ Cape Cod, where I was born, quite possibly for the first time.

Because of the new eyes a tiny camera has given me.

And the amazing beauty I see through it.

Christmas Eve Breakfast – with the Brants

It was a Merry Christmas indeed!

One of the best moments was a sunrise walk I took on Christmas Eve morning, down at my home beach, Red River.

The sun was just beginning to break through the low-lying clouds on the horizon as I reached the parking lot.

When it got too bright for my eyes, it was fun watching its warm yellow glow reflected in the windows of the beach houses all along the shore.

I was just beginning to think that maybe it was too cold and windy for any birds to be out and about.

When a small flock of brants suddenly landed in the nearby channel.


Sometimes it’s tough to capture the pretty eyes that brants have.

But this morning’s sun was bathing each bird in a soft buttery light;  illuminating eyes and bills, and feathers, too!

It was a grand Christmas feast there on the mud flats as the brants quickly discovered the tender greens that the tide had washed in overnight.

Brants are incredibly verbal birds; always talking among themselves. As if their sheer delight with life simply must be shared.

When they feed, they savor each and every bite. Almost as if it was the tastiest thing they’d ever tasted, or ever would.

And brants are kind. Always ready to make room for just one more at their table, even if they are late for breakfast.

But it’s only when a brant stops.

Turns its soft eyes upon you…

And then stretches up for a glorious wing flapping display that you realize you are smitten.

And that you will love these gentle birds forever and always.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and thank you to the brants who made mine!  ❤

Flicker, Up Ahead!

I come across flickers all the time when I’m on the road.


‘Seems like I come upon one every time I take a walk.

Along the side of the road, poking around, looking for bugs.

So pretty.

Don’t you think??

P.S. NOT quite so much fun when they wake you up at dawn in the summertime, a-hammerin’ in the gutters!  😉