Sow the Seed

Well I thought I had missed them for sure.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at Mill Landing to find that the milkweed pods were still holding onto some of their silk —

And SEEDS before sending them out into the world!

As a child when we’d come across them in a field, I thought milkweeds were just ugly, sad-looking useless clumps of dying plants that were once so pretty to look at.

Until I discovered that among other things they are a monarch butterfly’s only salvation.

It’s almost too incredible to believe, but it’s the toxins in a milkweed plant, consumed by monarchs during the summertime, that protect them from predators as they migrate to Mexico each year.

But even if that weren’t wondrous enough, I have come to love milkweeds in autumn.

I love how their silky, gossamer-like threads…

And tiny flat brown seeds…

Finally burst from their bulging pods to sail far and wide on the Cape Cod breezes to spread their kind.

I even find the decaying pods themselves to be beautiful not only in color but in shape and texture as well.

Why THIS one, could almost be a HAT!  😉

As I turned for home, I was just so glad that I hadn’t missed them after all.

These tiny plants, that a small child once called ugly and plain, actually sow life and beauty through their seeds.

This year the milkweeds are reminding me, that we need every single seed.

Come Walk with Me – October 17, 2017

It’s been a while since I posted one of my Forest Beach loop walks with you.

The water was still and calm when I arrived at the beach last evening; the buoys barely moving.

Plenty of other things were moving, though.

I could see an elderly couple up the beach searching for shells, while a pair of adorable long-haired dachsunds were frolicking in the water…

And checking out the tasty treats along the shore.

By the time I got to the backside of the marsh, the golden light was at its peak.

I couldn’t resist a shot of my favorite cut.  😉

A young crow called to me at the top of the hill leading down to Mill Creek.

What is it about crows that always makes me smile?

I do believe he was telling me to Hurry! hurry! Look and see!. Quickly now!

Turning back to the incredible view all I could do was sigh.

I wait all year for the kind of burnt orange colors I see at sunset in the fall there at Mill Creek…

And up at the adjoining Taylor Pond.

Everything is on fire. And if you make it there at just the right moment, it’ll take your breath away for sure.

Just then, I heard an old familiar sound, Crraaawwwk!!

Sure enough, a great blue had just touched down out by the shellfishing buoy markers at the landing.

Slowly wading through the shallow water in the waning light, like some silent movie star…

He paused now and again to check out things that were moving, just beneath the surface.

On my way back up the hill, I had to look back one more time, as I always do.

Soaking in one more glimpse of this beauty to carry me home, I whispered Good Night to all.

Upon my return to Forest Beach, I could see that the sunset curtain had come down there as well.

The dogs had left, the sun had found a pillow somewhere, and the sky had turned from bold blues to dreamy pinks and peaches.

Thank you for joining me on my walk.

‘Til the next time!  😉









Summer Meets Fall on the Cape

The marsh was pretty flooded last night, making these kayakers very happy indeed with all of the new waterways to explore.

This is my favorite time here on the Cape, when summer meets fall.

Yet with the return of  the quiet in the marshes and along the shore following the close of the summer season…

The bird life is surely at its utmost dramatic best with all of the arrivals and departures of so many different species.

I do believe wait for it all summer….

What’s not to love?!  😉

Happy Me!!   🙂