Mill Landing Silhouettes

I keep getting surprised by how dark it is by the time I get to Mill Landing these days…


Yet I still find friends there who, like me, are enjoying the dimming light.


The day’s work is done, and we’ve no more fish to catch.


Nothing much a body can do…


Except  enjoy a good scratch…


Put your feet up…


And revel in the magic of evening silhouettes.



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‘Til next time, enjoy your view.

Wherever it may be…  😉


Sunday Best and a Few Adieus

Hi everybody, it’s time once again for Sunday Best!

We had a lot of worthy candidates this week as some of our favorite summertime guests on the Cape were getting ready to leave us for the winter.

Contestant #1, the Willett, , savoring one final dip among the shells. We’ll miss this wonderful shorebird with such a distinctive call that can be heard all across the marsh!


Contestant #2, a duo of Great Egrets, seen from awaaay across Mill Landing as the sun was setting. These statuesque shorebirds were also making preparations for their departures this week, taking the time to pop into their favorite diner for one last nibble.


Contestant #3,  one of our charming year-rounders, the gray squirrel. And you know? No matter how many times I pass by this very tree, this charming fellow always seems to be there, nuts in hand!  😉  Blog-ForestBeachLoop637

Contestant #4,  I never can resist birds on a wire, and the swallows are some of my very favorite small birds. I call them our “dolphins of the sky”, and we’ve seen them flying in large swarms over the beaches, heading for home!


And finally, Contestant #5, another one of our year-rounders, the colorful flicker whose distinctive call makes you feel like you’re in some tropical paradise!


And there you have it. Please cast your vote for your favorite, and as always – please share your comments too!  🙂

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Sunday Best for Supermoon

We have an outstanding lineup for you today here at Sunday Best. All of our contestants were dressed to the nine’s this week in anticipation of Supermoon!

Contestant #1, Mourning Dove perched on a wire. Silent like a statue, glowing gold in the setting sun.


Contestant #2, Great Blue Heron in tall marsh grass. As you can clearly see, he had much to say about the coming lunar eclipse.


Contestant #3, Herring Gull, gray and white, black wingtips, yellow bill with red spot on lower mandible, yellow eyes. Adorable pink feet.


Contestant #4, juvenile Catbird, stunning against the emerging fall foliage by the marsh. Bright-eyed, and definitely curious about me!  😉


Contestant #5, the beloved Song Sparrow who was determined to give me his very best side. He said this was it, and even added a melodic chirp to the mix!


Contestant #6, Seagull Whirligig, keeping careful watch over this yard on Forest Beach Road. I only hope my lowly camera skills did him justice.


And last but never least we have Contestant #7, Downy Woodpecker, shimmying up and down this vine-covered tree so fast it was hard to keep up with him!


Please tell me your favorite, and as always, I welcome any comments.

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Monday Morning Cure

It’s Marmee Monday, and she’s dying to share her cure for the Monday Morning Blues!

For starters, you need to jump up and greet the day. And remember, NO FEAR.Blog-Marmee119

Breathe deeply, open those nasal passages and feel those stress lines just slip away…


Next, a gentle chin massage…


A couple of eye rolls…


And don’t forget the ears, too. A little to the left, please.


Next, it’s time for a few yoga stretches…



A quick check on today’s top stories…


Then it’s up on your feet for a quick at-bat with your very favorite Mousie, the one who really gets your heart pumping.


Time to head into the studio to see what’s on deck for today!



Don’t forget to check the stock…


And keep your eyes open for when the UPS man is in the ‘hood.


You should have time for just one more yoga stretch…


And a greaaaat big yawn!


You have DONE it! You have chased away those Monday Morning Blues and are ready now to face the day!


Or… hmmmm…


Marmee did tell me that her cure can sometimes cause occasional drowsiness.

Please let me know how it works for you, and I’ll be sure to pass it along to her.

Shhhh…. After her nap, of course.




Sunday – Best of 6

Hi everybody, it’s time again for Sunday Best!

We had a lot of worthy candidates this week, and here they all are…

Contestant #1, the Seagull, standing tall, ever proud. (Hoping that the wedding party on the beach will be feeling generous with their shrimps and dips!)


Contestant #2, Little Foal.  Meeting his shadow for the very first time…


Contestant #3,  a juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron, fishing along the muddy banks at Mill Landing. A rare treat in these parts!


Contestant #4,  it’s Prayer Rabbit’s baby sister, Sam. It sure looks like she’s got something BIG to tell us!


Contestant #5 is a pair entry. Meet Ribbit and Peeps, getting into position and ready to Do-Si-Do for you!


And finally, Contestant #6, the statuesque Great Blue Heron. Ahhh, such a gentleman. And a sight for sore eyes all summer long after the harsh winter that took so many.


And there you have it. Please cast your vote for your favorite, and as always – I love your comments too!  🙂

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Different Strokes

I named my hat company for the sweetest tabby named Maggie Mae.


She was the Queen. Incredibly self-assured, and I adored her.


When you petted Maggie, a firm pet was better than a soft one most days. I think the softer rubs “tickled” her.

And she always let you know when it was time to stop.

Trust me, she let you know!


When we lost Maggie and Marmee came to us, I had to learn a whole new way of connecting with her.

To my surprise, I discovered that what Marmee loved best were the soft, gentle rubs.


And I mean THE softest rubs, and they never seem to tickle!


And like Maggie before her, she always lets you know when she’s happy.


In my lifetime I have been blessed with two amazing girls.

My Maggie…


And my Marmee…


Each one so unique, her very own fur-person.

I could not possibly love them both more than I do. It’s been a gift to be able to give them whatever they need to be happy.



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