Marmee, The Sweetest Little Pea Pod

Although I love seeing all the beach peas and rosa rugosas coming in now by the sea... It sure is nice to have my very own beautiful rosa rugosa to come home to. The sweetest little Pea Pod, I could ever hope for...  ❤


A Mamma Kitty’s Secret

From the time they are very little, kittens learn by watching their Mums how to take a bath. After all, they are born with everything they need: the perfect tongue for licking... Soft velvety paws for face washing... And teeth for anything that's tough-to-get-out. I never tire of watching Marmee as she goes through her... Continue Reading →

Just Ducky

As many of you know, Marmee loves her Ducky. I often find them together, lying  there on the shelf at the end of the tub. Ducky shares Marmee's love for the birds. Together they watch them flit by the window, back and forth, back and forth. I try not to eavesdrop on their conversations. But... Continue Reading →

Beauty Lives

Every day I am reminded... As I paddle along... That no matter how much ugliness there might seem to be in our world... Beauty, in all its many forms, In all its shapes and sizes... LIVES. And the only thing I love more than experiencing beauty... Is sharing it. 'Night all.  ❤ Save Save Save... Continue Reading →

The Cat Daze of Summer

You've heard of the "dog days of summer"? Well, we have something similar here, too. The days are heavy, hot and humid, without a breeze in sight. Nothing moves much... At all. We find it's better to be  belly up, than not. All the experts tell us that this will end around August 11th. But... Continue Reading →

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