Mourning Doves, Up Close and Personal

We had a family of doves crash land on our deck one summer. Four squabs in all, and fun to watch 'til the day they flew, up and away. Leaving us with great memories --- and more than just a few baby dove poops to clean up!  😉 Yet even after this personal experience with... Continue Reading →


Walkin’ Uptown

As many of you know, Red River was my childhood beach. Bank Street was the next beach up from us. Part of what we all called, "uptown", and I can't remember ever spending much time there as a kid. The other night the sea breeze seemed to be blowing me in a different direction, and... Continue Reading →

High and Dry, Osprey Style

We had a wild 'n woolly day yesterday here on the Cape - rain, t'storms, wind, the works! When the sun returned this morning, I grabbed my camera and headed to the South Harwich osprey nest. There I found Mrs. O, the female osprey, perched high on a pole very close to the nest. Mrs.... Continue Reading →

Iris I May, Iris I Might

Japanese irises make me happy. All winter long I dream of seeing them again in the spring. So last evening, when I came upon not one but TWO beautiful iris gardens, you can imagine how thrilled I was! Surrounded by a myriad of complimentary flowers ranging from lavender to blue, the softening light coming through... Continue Reading →

The Richness of Friends

I love meeting new friends. Like the ones I met on my walk this morning around the 'hood. Benny the Bunny was first. He had the darkest brown eyes and he was the best model ever, never twitching a whisker. I heard  Lewis, long before I spotted him. The politest fellow you'd ever want to... Continue Reading →

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