The Gull-Herring Saga Continues at Red River

Ever since my visit to the Brewster herring run I've had my eye out for "gull gatherings" at our local runs. The other morning as I was driving by my home beach I heard the gulls overhead, and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw flashes of sunlit wings up the... Continue Reading →


Snowy Egrets – Styling Magicians

How do they do it?? A Snowy Egret can take a fairly coifed, demure feather style... And, with just a bit of preening... Look like this! And with just a bit more preening... Maybe THIS! I would love to know their styling secrets... wouldn't you??   😉

Willet Yoga

A friend told me recently about the new yoga instructor they had hired at Red River creek, that he was giving lessons out by the old bridge. So I decided to check it out. When I first arrived at the bridge, I couldn't find him anywhere. And then, I spotted him! Perched on what was... Continue Reading →

Red-Wings in the Fog

I love Red-wings. And I love fog. Yesterday morning, early, I had the gift of them both at once in the marsh along Red River. The sounds of the Red-wings pierced the thick salty air as they called back and forth to one another. Through the fog the birds seemed somehow larger than life; the... Continue Reading →

Marmee, The Sweetest Little Pea Pod

Although I love seeing all the beach peas and rosa rugosas coming in now by the sea... It sure is nice to have my very own beautiful rosa rugosa to come home to. The sweetest little Pea Pod, I could ever hope for...  ❤

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