Each of us has our own way of greeting the morning. Monday, or otherwise... Which one are you??  😉


On the Eve of Spring, Cape Cod Style

I know the calendar tells me it's Spring. But here on the Cape, it just takes a bit longer for it to arrive. You can hear the birds telling us the seasons are a-changing, yet we are still awaiting the ospreys in the marsh at Forest Beach. (Soon THIS occupant, will be looking elsewhere for... Continue Reading →

Eider Beauty

I met one of the loveliest female Eiders today. She was busy glorying in the sunshine, flapping her wings in the gusting sea breezes. Me?? I was glorying in HER. As I tried to hold the camera steady.  😉

A Mamma Kitty’s Secret

From the time they are very little, kittens learn by watching their Mums how to take a bath. After all, they are born with everything they need: the perfect tongue for licking... Soft velvety paws for face washing... And teeth for anything that's tough-to-get-out. I never tire of watching Marmee as she goes through her... Continue Reading →

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