Party Time at the Mill

Mill Landing this weekend seemed like it was going to be all about the great egrets.

Each time I visited it seemed like any which way I turned, to the pond or to the flats, there they were.

Fishing in the shallows…

At long last, having the ‘hood all to themselves for a change.

That is, until the snowies showed up…

To join in on the fun.

‘Seems they’d heard there was a party going on, and they wanted IN!

And it looked like someone had blabbed to the black crowned night herons, as well, for they showed up and said the Snowies had been spreading the word.


And then the OSPREYS began to appear too, their cries filling the skies as they dipped and glided their way into the mix.

Ah well….. I guess everyone knows you never can trust a Snowy to keep a secret, after all…  😉

When all was said and done, I’m not sure who had the best time.

But I do know that if it’s the weekend, you can be sure there’s always a party goin’ on down at the Mill!  😉









Friday’s Comin’

It’s been a long week.


The good news is, and I have this on good authority…


That Friday’s JUST around the corner!


So hang in there, everybody!  😉



I was in the studio all morning, editing a slew of photos for our “Hats Off to the Horses of Old Friends” fundraiser that kicks off November 1st.

Every time I looked out the window, all Marmee and I could see was an uninviting, uninspiring landscape – gray, grim and damp.


So after lunch I grabbed my camera and headed to the marsh for a shot of color.

I found it in the marsh where a Great Blue Heron was standing watch…


I found color along stone walls covered with purple daisies…


And by the water at Mill Landing where the bittersweet is at its peak and the milkweed alive with its own seeds of change.


I found even more color along the edge of the woods where just enough light allowed me to catch some true leaf magic.


And in so many yards where I passed by, even the angels seemed in awe of the color that was popping all around them!



So even though it sure seemed like there was no color to be had on this gray autumn day…

Maybe all I really needed to do was … get up, get moving and change my perspective just a tad!  😉


Thanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod, I hope you enjoyed the color as much as I did!