Coming Soon – Summer Rewinds

What can I tell you? I fell in love SO many times this summer. I saw some of THE most amazing birds, who gave me the gift of allowing me to photograph them. Often at the most unexpected times and places. I simply haven't had the TIME to share them with you. But soon, HOPEfully... Continue Reading →


The Cat Daze of Summer

You've heard of the "dog days of summer"? Well, we have something similar here, too. The days are heavy, hot and humid, without a breeze in sight. Nothing moves much... At all. We find it's better to be  belly up, than not. All the experts tell us that this will end around August 11th. But... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day, Part II – Mill Landing

Mill Landing was my second stop this Memorial Day, and the neighborhood was abuzz with activity! With the help of some recent sunshine, all the spring flowers were standing up tall and looking their best. Across the channel, I could see beachcombers out early, hunting for shells. And beyond them it looked like someone was... Continue Reading →

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