Downy East

It had been a while since I’d been out with my camera…

The shadows creep in early these winter evenings on the Cape, and things get real quiet. I guess I really wasn’t even expecting to see too much moving.

MillLanding138-BlogAnd then I heard her.

Looking up, I found my tiny friend, awaaay up high, glowing in the setting sun’s light.

Bird388-BlogLooking for dinner, and chattering to beat the band.

It’s moments like this when I feel bathed in joy.

Bird387-BlogAnd even as I walked away, I could hear her calling, calling, calling awaaaay to me.

As if she, too, had enjoyed the company.

Bird386-BlogThanks for joining me as I walk…



Sea Changes

It’s one of our last real summertime weekends here on the Cape.

A last hurrah for many of our vacationers, they are out and about soaking up the sun and the fun before they fold up their tents and head for home.


This is such a delicious time for me. It still feels like summer, yet with the promise of cooler temps.

And very, very soon, solitude will be something that is very easy to find as well…


It’s time for something new.

The unfolding has begun…


Have a great weekend everybody!

And thanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod!


Surprise Packages

My walks each day feel like surprise packages.

When I set out, camera in hand, I have no idea what I am going to see as I walk along.


Or who


What might inspire me…


Or make me giggle…


What might fill me with a calm…


Or amaze me with its splendor in the smallest of packages.


What I do know is that when I wake up I look forward to my walks, each and every day.

The beauty that I see here on Cape Cod fills me with a peace I cannot even begin to describe.

Even in the most ordinary of moments, there is a light and a feel to this place that I have never found anywhere else.



I hope you have enjoyed some of the images that made today’s walk special for me.


And thank you for letting me share them with you!



Dancing Shoes at Mill Landing

I admit it. I can’t take the humid heat and today’s been a scorcher!

So instead of being miserable out there on my customary walk, I decided instead to share one of my favorite moments of the summer so far.

I found them there, together, along the shore down at Mill Landing…

Blog-SnowyEgret-MillLanding2A stunning pair of snowy egrets, fishing for their dinner.

Snowies are one of my favorite shore birds with black bills, long black “stocking” legs and yellow feet.


It was fun to watch them move along the shore together… and those yellow feet almost made me laugh! Like dancing shoes, out of some vaudeville act; an almost comical contrast to their elegant, white feathered bodies.


Sometimes, one of the egrets would go their separate way, ever in search of something tasty…


But not for long and they were back together again, moving as one, along the sandy shore.

(I smiled to myself because I kept hearing Fred Astaire’s “Steppin’ Out with my Baby” refrain in my head!)


When they came upon the muddier banks of the channel, their white bodies seemed almost like silhouettes-in-reverse against their chocolate brown backdrop.


They were so quick as they continued to fish. I’d be zooming in and oh MY! Someone had made another catch!



Then I noticed that one of the pair was deciding to take the high road…


Up onto the muddy bank he went. And those yellow dancing shoes, steppin’ forward and grabbing hold of the mud like it was made of sponge.


Plunk, plunk, PLUNK, along he went with such great purpose.



And then, as if some bell had rung,  it was time for them to go, up, up, and away!



I was sad to see them go but what an amazing gift!

I shall never forget this glorious pair.

Beauty, focus, connection, all in one glorious package of white feathered magic  — and bright yellow dancing shoes that would have made Fred Astaire jealous!  🙂

Thank you for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod.

‘Til the next time!