Wintry Transformation at Forest Beach in Chatham

Yesterday I peeked in at Forest Beach, just to see what it looked like after our extreme cold here on the Cape.

Along the shoreline, bits of frozen seaweed floated in a slow-moving milkshake of chunky ice and slush.

Gazing out toward Stage Harbor Light I felt almost as if I could have walked across the frozen surface, right from the spot where I stood.

I knew it had been cold.

Still, I was not prepared for the breathtaking transformation that had taken place…

To the sea-and-landscapes I know so well.

It took my breath away.  ❤

Home Beach Gets First Snow of the Season

I love my home beach, Red River.

And nothing gives me more pleasure this time of year than seeing it all frost-covered!

Yesterday at sunset there was snow down by the jetties…

Up into the dunes…

And along the backside creek where the tall common reeds watch over the quiet marsh of gold.

But I am almost never alone in my celebration of the first snow of the season.

As you can plainly see!

Happy Almost Winter everybody!  😉

First Snow at Forest Beach

I couldn’t wait to get down to Forest Beach, once the flakes had stopped falling and the sun was beginning to sink in the West.

The first snow of the season is always special to me.

And just as I’d imagined, a new frost-covered landscape awaited me.

Magical and serene.

And some new friends were there as well!

I already can’t wait to get back again soon!

Kitty Snowglobe

It looks like we finally got some snow overnight.

marmee54-blogMarmee was the first one to notice.

marmee185-blogShe loves to watch the snowflakes swirl across the deck.

marmee57-blogEspecially if the sun comes out later on and she can catch a few rays right around nap time.

marmee191-blogJust don’t get any cute ideas about asking her to shovel.

marmee195a-blogNo siree no way, no how.

marmee251-blogFor Marmee, it’ll be more of a snowglobe experience.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way, ‘cuz she’s even more fun to watch than the flakes!

marmee58-blogThanks for dropping by!

Sally and Marmee