Thanksgiving’s Early Arrival

Rain was due in today.

So I headed to Wychmere Harbor, in between errands for Thanksgiving Day.

All was quiet.

It was as if everyone was poised, just waiting for the first raindrops to fall.

And by the time I had pulled in up the road at Herring River, they were.

But that didn’t phase this pair of Buffleheads, not one little bit.

Like little rubber duckies they dove, and within moments bobbled back up; seeming quite content in one another’s company.

And as I heard the sound of the raindrops falling on the roof of my car, pitter-patter-pat, and watched them as they fell all around the ducks in the water…

All I could think of was how I wouldn’t rather have spent the day before Thanksgiving Eve in any other way.

Thanksgiving gratitude, had come early.  ❤

Storm Comin’

There’s a storm comin’ to the Cape this morning.

I could feel the wind starting to blow from the moment I got out of the car.



I love it when a storm’s not far away.

There’s an intensity in the sea as the waves gain momentum, churning up sand, shell and stone.


A haze fills the air, making everything look almost dream-like. Softer…


And the birds always know when the weather is turning, too, as they grab a bite to eat and head for home.



Even the flowers in the marsh seem expectant, opening wide for those warm drops of rain…


And I love how the beach gets so quiet. A delicious stillness, not a soul in sight.



This is my ole’ Cape Cod, my home.

An ever-changing, intense world that heal can the soul.


If you let it…


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‘Til next time!


Rain Comin’

You could smell rain at Mill Landing last night…

Blog-ForestBeachLoop366 Even the crows were sensing something was moving in…

It was great seeing the rambling roses at their peak.


And some of the new fledglings busy learning their new flight maneuvers.Blog-ForestBeachLoop363


Have you ever noticed that colors seem even more intense when rain is on the way, almost as if everything is bathed in a kind of glow??



I was lost in the splendor…

‘Til someone reminded me it was time to head for home and fix some dinner.


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