Cape Cod Peony Magic

What IS it about peonies?

ForestBeachLoop854-BlogThere’s just something about them, isn’t there? Clusters of dense green buds, slowly transforming into luscious bouquets of pink, red and yellow…

Perhaps part of their appeal is the relationship between peonies — and their friends, the ants.

ForestBeachLoop844-BlogNow ants are known for having real sweet tooths, and the sugary wax coating of the young peony bud draws the ants like bees to honey.

In the early Spring I have seen peony buds literally covered with ants as they scramble to feed on the sweet, gooey delights inside!

ForestBeachLoop844-B-BlogIn return, the ants guard the peonies against harmful insect pests.

For a long time, an old myth led many of us to believe that the ants actually helped to open the peony buds.

And although it has since been proven that ants are not required for the opening of peonies, I still like to think that they might have a hand – or legs – in their magical unfolding!  😉

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