South Harwich Ospreys – The New Family

A quick peek at the new members of our South Harwich osprey family... As they await dinner... With Papa!  😉    


The Mystery of Monday

I just can't figure it out. How DOES it get to be Monday so fast? On Friday, it seems like you have oodles of time ahead, plenty of time to tackle those projects you never get to during the week. And yet, invariably, around comes Monday once again - and awaaaay too soon! Ah, well,... Continue Reading →

A Mighty Good Catch at Taylor Pond

A lone osprey circled above me at Taylor Pond... Sometimes gliding... Sometimes hovering, but always with his eyes intensely focused on the water below. I missed the actual splash when he hit the water because of the dock between us. But the fish he pulled up, myohmy what a catch! Then it was home, home... Continue Reading →

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