Ducks in a Row – Day 4

It was a morning of fretfulness and unease as I pulled into the harbor, my head filled with worries about a project that had left me feeling all at loose ends.

I knew that what I needed more than anything was to get my ducks in a row, so I could get back to enjoying the project again.

Unable to relax, I was just about to leave the harbor when I spotted her.

A female Mallard duck, perched on the slipway, head tucked, taking a nap.

And a lovely Lady she was indeed!

But I wasn’t the only one to notice, for in no time a charming Gentleman Mallard swam up and hopped onto the slipway beside her.

He looked my way, just once…

And then joined her in a snooze.

Then along came another Lady Mallard…

And another Gentleman as well.

It was a Slipway Party!

Some lively chatter commenced, a little preening and a lot of bill scratching.

And when the three visitors heard something across the harbor, they all popped up and looked just like little soldiers at attention.

Yet through it all, our first Lady Duck had not moved, not one inch.

She seemed so at ease, I envied her calm.

And then, I smiled.

She was resting easy.

She had all her ducks in a row.  😉

It was time for me to head home to my project, and do the same!


A New Year’s Day, Goodnight

It was a late arrival to Stage Harbor for the sunset.

But there’s always someone to see…

Black Ducks, nibbling on some greens, paddling out from the shoreline.

A Common Loon snorkeling for just one last bite before bedtime.

And it looked like he found JUST that!  😉

And this gorgeous female Eider, glowing in the setting sunlight, who was obviously…

Getting ready to tuck in for the night.

I spotted her from the drawbridge as I walked further along, and I could hear her murmuring out “goodnights” to her friends.

And even though I missed the sunset, I could see the glow of it as it covered everything I passed by.

And I was treated to a real gift by the time I got to the fish pier, as a beautiful blue light had descended upon the old Stage Harbor Freezer Company that made me stop, take a deep breath…

And just feel blessed to live in such a place where the Beauty is just a short walk away.

Happy New Year, everybody, and goodnight!  ❤

Happy New Year – Day 1

One of the things I’d like to do in 2019 is a daily 365 blog post of what I see, through my camera lens, of this Cape Cod world where I live.

Now, I photograph every day.

Finding the time to edit and then share them has been the tough part! I usually get daily posts on my Facebook page because it’s so quick. And please feel free to Friend me there anytime if you’d like a catchup!  😉

Still, I’ve been feeling a real need to begin a daily exercise of sharing what I photograph, at least once each day, most especially about our wildlife here on the Cape because they need us to care for them.

So here we are, on New Year’s Day. Day 1.

And of all the beautiful, amazing images so far that I could think of to post…

None could hold a candle to this sweet girl o’ mine who means everything, and then some.

Just one year ago we found out that this sweet ray of sunshine has kidney disease.

But with a whole lot of love and care this past year, thankfully she is still here with us today.

Filling our world with warm, purring sunshine.

And great tips on grooming…

And napping.

And that means the world to me.

Because she is the world to me, right down to that cute little pink tongue of hers.

So Happy New Year everybody.

And may 2019 be a year of KINDNESS and BEAUTY.

Happy New Year 2017!

Whether you’re ringing in the New Year “Dressed to the Nines”, or preferring the cozy PJ’s option right at home…

Marmee and I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. May it be a safe and healthy one for us all.

marmee323-newyearseve2016-framed-blog❤ Sally and Marmee

PS Marmee says you can still wear a little bling, even in your PJ’s!  😉







Sharing the Marmee Love This New Year’s Eve

The New Year is just a heartbeat away now, and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than by spreading  a little Marmee Love around.

marmee417-blogThere’s a commercial that makes this sentiment sound trite but Marmee’s the reason I wake up early.

And the reason I get outa’ bed every morning.

Blog-Marmee172She’s the single most hopeful creature I have ever met.

marmee416-blogKeep your head up and your paws crossed, that’s her motto — and it works!!

marmee290-blog-sMarmee’s love for all living creatures is clear, you can see it in her sparkling eyes…

ForestBeachLoop734-BlogBlog-Marmee153She knows when a good laugh is the best medicine for stress…

Marmee384-BlogAnd when hiding under the covers is the smarter way to go.

marmee228Marmee gives THE best wet nose finger kisses…

marmee419-blogAnd loves playing “Shadows” with anyone who’ll join her.

marmee420-blogMarmee knows the difference between when it’s time to work…

marmee17And when it’s time to nap.


Yet even with all her resposibilities, Marmee’s always on the cutting edge of fashion.

A trendsetter, for sure.

1-1-marmee15-blog-sYou simply won’t find a truer girl than my Marmee, except for the one in your own lives and hearts.  😉

She’s the sunshine in my day, the twinkle in my night.Marmee62 And as we wait for the New Year to roll around the corner…


There’s no blog I’d rather post than this one, ‘cuz this one’s for you, Marms.

You are loved to the moon and the stars, and right on back again.

marmee418-blogMay you twinkle in this world for the coming New Year.

And for a very, very long time to come. ❤

forestbeachloop1011-blogHappy New Year everybody!  🙂