Nature and its Musical Pulse

Nature, and the music that is akin to it, are what sustain and inspire me in my life today.

As I listen this morning to Yo-Yo Ma’s recording of Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, I am realizing how perfectly this composition mirrors what I see and feel and experience every single time I am out with my camera.

As I photograph whatever is in front of me…

I am feeling awed…


And yes, even amused.

And it is different, every time.  ❤

Humble and Kind Will Always Get My Vote

So there’s this Massachusetts girl named Lori McKenna.

She’s a songer/songwriter, and someone I’ve been following her whole career.

Lori’s up for 4 Grammys tonight for her latest album, The Bird and the Rifle as well her song, “Humble and Kind”, that gave Tim McGraw a #1 hit.

I can’t think of a single time in our country when we could use a whole lot more humility and kindness.

Here’s Lori’s rendition of the amazing song that made me cry when she sang it.

For all the right reasons.