Each of us has our own way of greeting the morning. Monday, or otherwise... Which one are you??  😉


Sanderling Snooze Alarm

The sanderling snooze alarm. Perfect for a Monday morning. And a nifty holiday gift idea, too!   😉 Save Save Save Save Save

Best Foot Forward

Well it's Monday. Again. Time to put our best foot - paw - hoof - wing - forward and give it a GO! Hope your Monday's a good one!  😉   Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

Sleepy Muggy Mondays

It's one of those gray, drizzly, humid Mondays, and some of us are having a tough time keeping our eyes open. Just when you think you're feeling a bit of energy, those eyelids start to get veeeerrry droopy... Wait a minute, I think she just moved! Nope. Just my imagination. My sleepy Tink.  ❤ Save... Continue Reading →

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