It’s a Put-Your-Cat-Strut-On Kind of Monday

Yep, it’s Monday.

And you can either crawl back under the covers

OR —

You can put your Cat Strut on, step out into that ole’ world…

And see what mischief you can get into.  😉

Have a good one, everybody!

Sleepy Muggy Mondays

It’s one of those gray, drizzly, humid Mondays, and some of us are having a tough time keeping our eyes open.

Just when you think you’re feeling a bit of energy, those eyelids start to get veeeerrry droopy…

Wait a minute, I think she just moved!


Just my imagination.

My sleepy Tink.  ❤



Monday Best: Snow in Summer

Welcome to Monday Best!

Presenting my pick this week, the Snowy Egrets of Mill Landing!

SnowyEgret-MillLanding24-BlogI saw the large flock of Snowies feeding the other morning down at the Mill. It felt like the first time when I discovered them many years ago. They stole my heart then and here I was captivated by them all over again!

SnowyEgret-MillLanding48-BlogKnown for being vocal, I could hear them even before I spotted them, talking amongst themselves in the shallow channel water as the morning sun backlit their every elegant move. It’s like watching the Nutcracker ballet in the middle of summer!

SnowyEgret-MillLanding39-BlogI must have been photographing at least twenty individuals, each one casting its stunning reflection on the shallow water as they slowly moved forward, sideways, and back again. It was so beautiful that I had all I could do just to hold the camera steady!

SnowyEgret-MillLanding44-BlogAnd it looked like I wasn’t alone in my bird watching!

ForestBeachLoop882-BlogSnowies have a most unique fishing method which seems to fit their personalities to a T. They literally flush out tiny fish below the water’s surface, using their yellow feet to chase them up, up, up and then – gulp! Oh, to be an underwater camera to see those fancy feet so gracefully at work…

SnowyEgret-MillLanding35-BlogSnowyEgret-MillLanding22-BlogSnowies love to hang out in big family groups, and seem to get along quite well.

With the occasional dust up over mates and territory, that is… 😉

SnowyEgret-MillLanding30-BlogI continued to snap picture after picture of these elegant beauties, the water twinkling like diamonds all around them as they fished. I had forgotten all about the heat as these magical snowy creatures transported me to a place in my mind that was cool and calm…

SnowyEgret-MillLanding40-BlogSnowyEgret-MillLanding28-BlogAnd talk about hairdo’s! The Snowies have the hair award, wings down!

SnowyEgret-MillLanding47-BlogThe feathery plumes on their necks and back, called aigrettes, were once used for decorating ladies’ fancy hats. I, as a milliner, am proud to say that I never use any bird feathers in my designs. The feathers that allow these and other birds to soar and fish so magnificently look far better on them than they ever could on my hats!  🙂  (You can read more about this in my blog, For the Birds)

SnowyEgret-MillLanding33-BlogI hated to leave them that morning but it was time to head back to my own “real” job and leave them to theirs ’til next time we’d meet.

Which I am sure, will be soon.  😉

SnowyEgret-MillLanding42-BlogThanks for visiting me here and enjoying these magnificent snowy dancers with me!











Squirreling Thru’ Monday

I met the cutest little fellow on my walk today.

ForestBeachLoop851F-2-BlogHe was chasing another squirrel – a female, I presume – up and down a great oak tree. Round and around, up and down the tree they went, head to tail, so close it looked like one squirrel instead of two!

And then suddenly – he came back down the tree. And stopped.

ForestBeachLoop851D-BlogPerhaps he had heard me fumbling with my camera?

When I looked through the camera this time, he was looking straight at me.

ForestBeachLoop851-BlogNow everyone knows it’s only polite to say hello if you meet a squirrel who seems friendly.

“Well hello there!” I began. “And how are you this fine day, would you mind if I took your picture?”

And the squirrel turned slightly, as if to give me his best side.

“Why no, I’d be happy to,” he replied. “How’s this?”

ForestBeachLoop851C-BlogI continued to snap a few more pictures, amazed by how patient he was, how accommodating.

“I say,” he went on, “Do you happen to know what day this is? It’s still Sunday, isn’t it? I have ever so many things I’d love to do today!”

ForestBeachLoop851E-BlogAnd before I could stop myself I responded, “Why no, Mr. Squirrel, today is Monday.”

No sooner were the words out of my mouth than I remembered: Squirrels HATE Mondays.

And without a word – poof! My squirrel friend was gone.

ForestBeachLoop851F-BlogSigh… It was my own fault that such a delightful photo session had so abruptly come to an end.

And I knew better.  😉

Thanks for visiting me at Images of Cape Cod!