Merganzer Morning – The Rest of the Story

I usually do a “hop around the ‘hood” on the mornings that I can actually break free to photograph.

And this morning, after my glorious sighting of the merganzers at Mill Landing, I “hopped” on over to Cockle Cove beach.

Where I spotted, much to my delight, the same grouping of merganzers still quick a distance away, swimming right towards me!

I could see that all of them were paddling very quickly.

Some were pairing off…

While  others were busy snorkeling…

It was a beautiful sight, seeing them come closer, and closer, and then finally moving right past me.

This time, heading straight toward the sun.

Merganzer Magic

I love merganzers, especially the red-breasted variety with their amazing crests!

I came upon this beautiful pair late yesterday at Mill Landing.

Now I know they say that often in the bird kingdom it’s the males of the species who really shine.

And this male red-breasted truly was a most dashing fellow, to be sure.

But somehow, for me, it was his Lady Fair who took my breath away…

She was perfectly coiffed, her red button eyes bright and gleaming in the setting sun’s light. Her reddish feathers a stunning contrast to the blue and gold reflections on the water.

The two seemed most taken with one another.

He never let her out of his sight, and I could hear them exchanging gentle murmerings whenever they passed each other by in the swirling current.

Once they spotted me along the shore, they were up and away.

I hope I didn’t ruin their day.

They certainly made mine.