A New Day

The new day dawns.

Stretching out before us with a fresh chance to step forward and make of it what we will.

forestbeachloop137And how will we live this new day? Will it be for others, or will it be for ourselves alone?

Blog-ForestBEachLoop711For love, or for hate?

Blog-Marmee242Will we build, or will we tear down?

Blog-Osprey56Reach out for greater understanding or cling in fear to the safe world we already know?

Osprey78-BlogI guess the choice is ours, and ours alone.

Blog-ForestBeachLoop540We have this day.




Maggie Mae

Six years ago today, we said goodbye to our Maggie Mae.


I still have not been able to write about this sweet girl, around whom our lives orbited for nearly 15 years.

She was the inspiration and the soul of my hat business. Ever present, all-knowing.


At once Queen and prankster…


The very best nap partner you could ever want…


She was my heart, and she filled our lives with a spirit and personality that was bigger than life.


And she will be with me, for always always…


We miss you, Maggie Mae.